Does badaboom still drop from king mong?

I have probably killed king mong close to a hundred times now and i haven’t gotten one to drop… i even went split screen with a friend for some of the runs, he had the rare loot relic on, and still nothing. does the badaboom even drop from him anymore?

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Yes, still does. You are just an unfortunate victim of bad luck.

The 10% rule applies but somehow Mong likes to flout that rule. Then again, so does Boll. And everyone else.


In the last loot hunt, I killed King Mong 82 times before he dropped the first Badaboom.

Later in the game, killing him 10 more times yielded two more Badabooms.


Just so you’re aware, the Vault Hunter Relic just slightly decreases the chance of getting a White item, and slightly increases the chance of getting a Green item. It does nothing for Blues or higher, so the chances don’t change with it equipped.

Technically incorrect but practically accurate. The relic increases the chance of rare loot from the world pool by reducing the weight of white loot. It does nothing for designated drops like the badaboom, though.

Yes it does, what you’re having trouble with is probably the crowded loot pool, because the skins king mong can drop are in his specific drop pool, so the actual chance of the badaboom is less than 10% due to that.

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