Does Battleborn Cater More To Ranged Characters?

This may be a very obvious question, but does Battleborn very much so cater in favour of ranged characters?

Melee characters can’t Backdoor sentries at all and usually just seem to get shredded if advancing forward without backup.

What do you guys think?


I think they are fine but you know, apparently they are underpowered against ranged characters

This is why all the melee are getting a HP buff.
Well everyone but ED.

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Oh and some melees can be decent sentry killer in coordinated teams.

Exactly as Vicks said. They’re getting a health buff soon to compensate. Well see what happens then


Ehhh its not so much as they’re underpowered, but more of ranged has an advantage.
On average, your melee characters have slower sprint and movement speeds, and are bigger and have easier to hit crit-boxs.
On the opposite, majority of ranged characters, have dash abilities for escape and higher sprint speeds omus smaller crit boxes, or decent CC’s an they can use those to their advantage to escape an attacking melee character.
That doesnt sound too bad, and in most 1v1 or 2v2 situations its pretty fair.
However when in full team going into a skirmish or holding a choke point, a melee can poke that big ol noggin out to try to push or wave clear, but then get hard focused by 4+ ranged members of the opposite team, add in 2 hard CC’s an they just melt away.
The biggest “Disadvantage” is that ranged allows for easier pub match teamwork.
An id say 70ish% of matches are just randoms hooking up, an without decent communication, a range heavy team will stomp all over your melee, an without the melee communicating with his team of when to push or when to give cover fire or support, it creates a large window of potential failure.
Thus, creating the illusion that ranged are better then melee, when in reality, melee just requires better team awareness/communication.
Sorry so long.

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I think the one area where it definitely caters to ranged character is where the thralls and big minions have knock backs just to mess with melee characters. I find this really stupid as the ranged character can attack them just fine without something stopping them from attacking them but as a melee character moving in to attack a giant minion is difficult when the minion does a lot of damage and pushes you back to stop you from doing damage.

That is true by default, however i find that by strafing around them to either side whilst continuing to attack leads to more hits amd less knock back. Meaning theres a whole other level of skill (if you want to call simple strafing a skill) to learn as a melee to content with characters.
Ranged are just flat out easier and less stressful to play, outside of supports who, you know, take their role seriously.

It does because damage scaling isn’t harsh enough for ranged carries. Well besides boldur he’s tanky enough their scaling doesn’t matter.

Your base damage increased maybe 20 points from its base at lvl 10 congratz. Mostly due to % damage amps from helix or items. Skills probably have the highest amount of scaling but its generally around 100 or so.

Take OM for examples his lost is what 18-22 damage at lvl 1, his highest is right around 44-47 range on average. Then you realize he gets 18% helix, 15% tactical round, and 15~% from items. 48% of his damage isn’t even him scaling. On top of that 30% is available like 4-5m in the game. The character needs about lvl 2 and he is done.

Most melee’s spike at 5-7, pair that with range = safety and you got a heal of a combo.