Does Battleborn take place in the Borderlands Universe, but in the distant future?

I have no support for or against this, I’m just curious.


If so, they’re not going to tell you for now :wink:

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Have a rather complicated theory, but did´nt wanted to post it yet. I kinda feared I might ruin GBX plans for BB-2 if I do :smiley:

But if desired I gladly elaborate my thoughts :heart:

Yes and claptrap is the lone survivor of Pandora and is the secret villain behind all of this, rendain is just his puppet…

How cool would that be


If it does it takes place roughly 17 thousand years later

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I believe GBX said it doesn’t, but it would be interesting if it did, especially if what Derch said came to pass. :dukecheese:

Or claptrap will be a playable character with an ultimate of more wubs

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He is the wub to my dub. :dukeego:

Okay, I’ll see myself out now.