Does Beatrix' Infection count as Attack or Skill damage?

Trying to figure out a new gear loadout. Looking at Lorrian Purse Cutter, Harresburra Adrenal Serum, and either Firmware Update 1.51C, Lenore’s Lament, or Codex Fragment as third.

Or can you not up the actual poison damage at all beyond the one helix that does an extra +25?

Infection = Attack damage.

Have you tested this?

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I tested it, no scaling on Skill Damage gear, but it does scale on Attack Damage.

Plague Rat scales off nothing, including level.

Good deal, appreciate it!

so to be clear, loading up on Attack Damage gear WILL buff the tic damage from infections, not JUST the shot from the needle?

Yes, it will buff the base damage and ticks too.

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Then…okay i’m confused. Only Fumigate benefits from skill damage, then?

Fulminate and Outbreak.

btw, you can easily test everything out in a Dojo and see it with your own eyes ^^

hm. okay. only attack damage legendaries i have are Lenore’s Lament and Pacifier.

I didn’t test it but Outbreak should. I was referring to the helix choice Plague Rat, which deals 25 damage to targets adjacent to an Infected target. There is absolutely no way to increase this damage.

Somebody kill the Bone Crusher in the Toby dlc a few times and report back. :eyes:

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