Does blade rush need a buff or rework?

I just gonna come out and say. I think blade rush sucks. Low damage, low volocity, if you don’t get the silence feels useless, not good for last hit kills, easy to dodge.

Buff it or rework it.

If i was to rework it i would make so that blade that hit their mark stayed in target. Perk could include stackable effects for the more swords in the target.

Just my opinion, but if i dont get the silence i just dont see a practical reason to use it.

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It’s a weird and lacking tool indeed.
It’s not that bad though, I like to use it to start clearing minions, rather than Phasegate ( I’d rather keep that one under the elbow for rainy days ). I find it a tad more useful without the helix that made the blades explode on impact, so you can keep the pierce effect and for some reason, I feel like it’s easier to get crits this way. Add in the “shotgun” helix mutation and it can deal decent damage.

However, it’s as I said : I feel it’s indeed lacklusting. Not enough to do proper ranged damage ( to the point that in PvP it’s better to upgrade it to get bonus in … melee range! ), too slow, not very precise, and no synergy whatsoever with the rest of Phoebe’s toolkit.
There is definitely some real ground for improvement here…

Blade Rush doesn’t feel like it does anything. It isn’t even good as a ranged attack. I haven’t encountered a situation where it’s useful at all.

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Yea most the time i get the exploding ones but with blade sweep just works as well.

Kinda wish it was like kalista rend in LOL. You could stick the swords im someone and reactivate the skill to pull them out all at once. Doing stacked bonus damage for each sword landed. Could be a good counter for ambras passive. Overshield and run tactics.

It would be nice if they could rework it. A week ago Gearbox went on the reddit and asked people about what skills they would want, so editing/adding helix options seems like a possibility for the future. If I had to rework it I would make it so every sword landed gave a 2 or 3 percent increase to melee damage for a short time. Gives a reason to actually use it for fights.

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