Does boll drop the fastball?

Like the title says. Did they actually fix it? I have bl2 for ps3 and its up to date do I wanna know before farming…

WTF is ‘boll?’

This guy.

Yes, it has been fixed with the last patch. Boll now drops the Fastball. I just completed my all elements/max damage Fastball collection last week by farming him. So farm away!


Great!! I want to try this.

What was your success rate on drops??

Do you have to take a mission or is it regular story line??

The drop rate is pretty much the same as with every other legendary source in the game, roughly 1 drop out of 10 tries. Sometimes less, sometimes more. I don’t think I went more than 30 tries without a drop. However, it took me quite a while to get all of them.

You need to complete the mission (“In Memoriam”, I think) to unlock Boll. After that, he’ll respawn in his camp in Three Horns - Divide every time you save and quit.

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Well I tried it yesterday and got a shock fastball first try so im guessing its pretty high. Good luck though :smiley:




Ran Boll 12 times and received a beautiful Shock Fastball on try number 12.

VERY quick and easy farm as well.

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I’m coming back. I always wanted to make a fast ball Krieg, but could never get it. I tried farming the train but it never showed. Finally my dreams can be complete.

Farmed Boll 25 times last night…got 7 Fastballs and a complete set, all elements.

Must have been my lucky night!


hi, how do you farm Boll:cry:

  1. go to frostburn
  • go to three horns via the cave immediatly to your right
  • run over to boll and kill him
  • quit to main menu
  • load back in
  • repleat steps 3-5 untill you have enough fastballs

ok. thanks a lot.

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Wow, I can’t believe i’m seeing this! Finally fixed after all this time. Good to know :smile:

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I’ve been hearing that the fastball is good for surveyors, so I’m going to try farming him too. Let you know the drop rate soon.

I did 12 runs with no drops last night. I’ll try again soon.

if you want we can farm together for better drop chances, I play on pc, pm me if you want.

Does boll drop the fastball on xbox360 without patch?

Like all other dedicated drops, Boll has a 10% chance to drop the Fastball regardless of mode (Normal,True, Ultimate) or platform.

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Unholy necro, batman!

If you mean without the title update, that would depend on which version of the game you have and when you bought it, since Boll’s drop was glitched (actually missing, according to the patch notes) on release but subsequently fixed.

I just did a little poking around on my 360 version (BL2 GOTY disk, installed to internal hard drive). Unfortunately, there doesn’t appear to be any way to get a version number for either the game or the title update.

You need the final October 2015 update to have a chance for Boll dropping the Fastball as Jefe says. The only other information I can give you on that is that it’s an 8 MB file. You can check if you have it by going to System Settings > Storage > drive > Games & Apps > Borderlands 2.

Note that if you’re playing the backwards compatible version of BL2 on XB1, that title update should be included in the download. If you’re playing an old copy on 360, you’ll need to get the title update installed somehow or other.

I’m going to close this now since it’s a really out-of-date topic. If you have any questions, please follow up in the BL2 360 Tech Support section.