Does Borderlands 3 have crossplay

I wanna play the game with my brother but my PC isn’t powerful enough so i plan on getting the game on XBOX

No it does not. Only cross play is epic and steam :stuck_out_tongue:

Will it be added one day

Maybe next gen console? Who knows,… I don’t think even GB knows,…

Well then what’s the cheapest way to make my PC powerful enough

Cheaper to both be on a console,…

My brother doesn’t use console

Nobody can help you there without knowing your specifics in the first place. However is always the best bet in general.

Thank you

Before launch Randy said it’s something they were planning but wouldn’t be at launch. Then complete silence, I don’t know how much truth there was in his comment now so no longer holding my breath, even though I bought a 2nd copy on ps4 (I play xbox) for my son based on the comment so we could play together.