Does BorderLands 3 use Denuvo?

^ Title, I have to inqure before I buy the game on Epic, because Epic Store doesn’t require games to disclose what Anti Cheat, or DRM they use if any, and Denuvo causes me heavy performance issues in every Denuvo based game i’ve tried.

Would like to know before buying, also I hope that Epic Store has Cloud Saves before I would buy, right now I see Epic Store as heavily Anti-Consumer because it lacks many of the features Steam does, and has Denuvo Bloatware in quite a few of it’s titles some which do not disclose this information to the consumer.

So before spending $90 to pre-order this game i’d like to be sure there is no 3rd party bloatware / DRM that is going to cause performance slowdowns when pc is under load.

Thanks <3

edit : Perhaps if buying this game on EPIC, they should offer us who buy the game on Epic if we are unhappy next year when its no longer epic exclusive a free copy of what we bought on Epic but through Steam.

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Oh I see thanks <3 i’m so used to Reddit allowing stuff like that to be said.

But yeah i’ll check back later see if they know so I can pre-order this off Epic if it doesn’t have DRM that is going to effect my performance especially when I use my system under load of other games such as Black Desert, and Multiple EVE Online accounts.

Game is $90 on sale right now i’d like to pre-order it while it’s got a special.

I’m with you on this one. I saw an ad on TV last night – hadn’t realized the BL3 launch was so soon! – and went to pre-order. Found out it’s not available through Steam and came to a full stop. It’s a shame, too, because Borderlands 2 is STILL my favorite game; I’ve got literally thousands of hours of play time.

But as excited as I am, I’ll wait until it’s on Steam. I’m an adult, I don’t even care about price that much. But Steam is my platform, that’s how my friends and I organize. We’re all waiting. We still have plenty of Civ6 left to play after the latest expansion!

Yes, the game uses denuvo.

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