Does Bottled Courage actually work with the Celestial Lawbringer COM?

Title. I’ve been wanting to use a Six Shooter COM, but didn’t have any points in the Riflewoman tree until recently, so I’ve been using a Celestial Lawbringer COM I picked up from the Grinder a while back. Since it boosts Bottled Courage, I threw a point there to get the boost. The thing is, when I have Showdown on Cooldown, no icon for the skill appears above the XP bar. I’m wondering if this is just a display bug, or if the skill is actually not working. Annoyingly enough, it works fine when I have the Celestial Lawbringer unequpped.

I remember there being such a bug yes. You get the instant shield but not the cooldown bonus. The celestial COM was riddled with bugs early on. (It gave you 30/5 in quick shot for example.) It’s reasonable to think that there still are a few.

Anyway, the main advantage of 10/5 BC is resetting nova shields :wink: try it out.

Well, it looks like this bug is still present. I’ve swapped skills around to give this more points, so we’ll see how it affects my survivability. Thankfully, the two COMs I’m looking at for end-game (Chronicler and Six Shooter) don’t boost Bottled Courage, so it won’t be an issue once I am finally able to switch over.

I noticed this just today too. Switched over to a Chronicler mod from the Celestial and for the first time ever saw the Bottled Courage icon above the xp bar.

Also worth noting: I picked up a blue Desparado COM with a boost to Bottled Courage. Rather than sell it outright, I took a moment to equip it and trigger Showdown. Once Showdown ended, no icon appeared over the XP bar. This means that the problem isn’t with the Celestial COM specifically, but with the skill itself.

Does your desperado COM boosts it by +4 or +5 ?

If it boosts it by +4, try putting just 1 point in the skill, so it stays within a normally reachable range.
If it doesn’t break, it means the skill only breaks above 5/5.
If it still breaks, it will mean the skill breaks whenever it’s being boosted, no matter by how much.

I was running a Celestial Lawbringer COM with +2 skill points for a while, then got lucky enough to upgrade directly to another Celestial Lawbringer with +3 to it’s skills. At the time, I had a single point in Bottled Courage to take advantage of the free skill points, so I’ve had it at 3/5 and 4/5. At no point while wearing these COMs have I ever seen Bottled Courage work. Take the COM off, and it works no problem; boost it at all, and it breaks.