Does Casual queue play affect Competitive MMR?

I tried looking and couldn’t see this anywhere. I’ve seen people claim that players will go into the Casual queue to help boost their MMR for the Competitive queue. Then I started thinking about why I would queue for either. For me, I’d probably go into Casual if I were working on a new character or just felt like goofing around.

In both of those cases, I probably wouldn’t want my performance affecting my MMR for the competitive queue, otherwise it’s just tryhard all the time lest I tank my MMR (It’s probably bad to begin with :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:).

That better not be the case cause then the separation between the two playlists would be pointless…

Well all the competitive bases games off is wins essentially so your casual wins boost your competitive bracket.

At first I would understand, but after a point it should have its own stat set…

Agreed. I don’t think Casual wins should count towards your Competitive MMR any more than PvE wins should count towards competitive MMR.

Having said that, it’d be an unfair match to put someone with 100 casual games worth of experience up against someone who has only played PvE. Maybe casual performance should just have reduced impact on your rating?