Does click click automatically work with low magazine guns?

I’m theory crafting a Low-Life build for moze that’s all about gun damage. I have a Low-Life that gives me +3 desperate measures / + 2 click click and was wondering if click click would work for guns like the one pump chump / flakker that only have 1 bullet in the magazine?

Those who have tested Click Click have come up with a few slightly weird results, so the mechanics aren’t fully known yet. However the one thing that is consistent is that you get no bonus for the first shot in a mag. The game registers the bonus damage percentage before you shoot not after.

From the test results in this thread, it appears a large magazine size is required to maximize the effectiveness of Click, Click, and…

yeah, but it is a per bullet increase and not a shelf/tiered increase. so you will see damge gain the whole magazine. but who is gonna test your average dps over a 150-300 count mag? lol

would be nice if there were a dps tracker or calculator and a dummy. World of Warcraft has some great mods that do that very well.

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Life’s given me time to actually sit down for a few hours and play Bl3 so I’m going to try make some head way on what’s going on before being whisked away again.

I’ve got a 78 mag Dahl that’s first on my list for testing. I’ll also try a Jakobs with a sub 10 round mag. Any suggestions for other key mag points to test? I’d like to do a 150 mag but fire rate 10+ guns are the only ones I’m aware of that get close to that and that’s really difficult to test with.

the only way I get max bonus from click click consistently is using slow projectile/rocket/mortar fire from a gun that’s refilling itself through ammo regeneration, while having 0/0 total ammo for that gun.

So I toss a grenade to get some splash and crits to refill my magazine, spam some rockets to 0 magazine, and by the time the rockets hit the targets, most of the get max bonus from click,click at 0 mag.

Another way to maximize click,click is to run your high cap 100 rounder gun, low on ammo, and try to maintain shooting at the last 0 - 10 round margin on something like a 100 rounder shreddifier, regenerating ammo to fire rather than reloading. I don’t like it because it takes away from game awareness, since you have to monitor that ■■■■.

Yeah both of those techniques sound annoying as hell. I’d rather just get 115% gun damage from the red tree + kill skill bonuses + the capstone from the blue tree.

Sucks though, because with the Low-Life com I have I can reach 5/3 on click click along with 6/5 desperate measures.

I said that as well in another post about click,click… All that trouble for a gimmick when another, 1hp gimmick is much more stable and goes all the way up to 100% bonus with desperate measures.


I agree. Click, Click works counter to what the rest of the tree allows you to do: shoot forever with a permanently maximized magazine.

Click, Click should be a stacking, refreshing buff whenever a shot is fired. The way C-C-Combo from Guardian Ranks should work. X-Y% bonus damage per shot, depending on weapon type, maximizing at Z% cap damage.

That way it offers similar damage bonus that fits thematically with the tree without a headache of setting up a particular use case. It’s a little less powerful than the constant Desperate Measures up time, in this case requiring some setup, but that’s okay.

Of course the problem then becomes, it’s obnoxious to constantly hold down the trigger to keep this buff going. Maybe just have to deal with it if you want to min/max, or use it normally, unless there’s a more elegant solution.


So, in theory, if you run completely out of ammo on a rocket launcher (or any gun) and have Click Click plus don’t use ammo for 5 sec after exiting iron bear, you get the full damage boost from Click Click for 5 seconds?


If you want more in detail on the math I went and did further testing on Click Click after this thread, you can find a write up of my results here.