Does Craw's behavior depend on patch/platform?

I’ve solo’d Crawmerax a few times with my Siren just by cheesing the heck out of Phasewalk, hiding behind the pillars, and eventually whittling him down. But I’d like to do it more quickly and stylishly, so I’ve watched a number of YouTube vids out there for guidance. But what I see Craw do in the vids doesn’t look anything like what I see playing on PS3. In so many vids, he just kind of meanders around the field, happily exposing his back crit spot and generally not pushing very hard on the player. But in my experience, he turns to face me almost instantly and then beelines toward me 95% of the time. Even if I’m playing patiently and abusing Phasewalk and the pillars, I’ve sometimes ended up blowing out all his crit spots except the back, leaving him at <5% health, and then was just totally unable to get a clean enough shot on his back to finish him off.

So were there any changes to his behavior at some point? Most of the vids are quite old now, of course. And almost all of them are on PC (because it’s so much easier to record, I assume). I just can’t reconcile what I see in videos with what I see in the actual game on PS3.

The reason for that (best I can tell) is his AI pathing is getting somewhat confused by the pillar weaving. It doesn’t matter with patch or platform. The skilled players know how to abuse his AI pathing is all.

Interesting. Now that you mention it, I do recall seeing him move more erratically when I’ve moved back and forth across the pillars. I guess I’ll need to experiment more. Thanks!

OK, that helped a lot. Just got two Craw kills in a row with only a moderate amount of hiding. Ducking out from behind a pillar to one side and then moving to the other while reloading confuses him enough to get a reasonable number of shots on his back. Thanks for the advice.

My gear still has plenty of room for improvement and that will obviously help too. This is a rebuild of my original Lilith, whose save file was corrupted when I (foolishly) powered off the console because I was pissed that Craw killed me with only a sliver of health left. Oops. Lost an outstanding Hellfire, a first-rate shield, a great Orion, and various other COM’s and gear with that little mistake.