Does DLC2 still have bugged class mods?

When DLC2 came out it was determined that the class mod drops were bugged. If you played on Moze you would get more Fl4k mods and if you played on Fl4k you would get more Moze mods. Was this ever fixed? Been trying to get some Sapper mods on Moze and while I did get 1…I have gotten 5 for Fl4k so it seems like it’s still broken?

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So I farmed Amach on Moze. Got mostly Fl4k Mods. Switched to Fl4k. Getting mostly Fl4k Mods. Hmmm…

They proud of that Tr4inor COM lmao

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Exactly. That’s all I’m seeing on two different VHs.

Has anyone been able to get the Sapper reliably from any source? Does it matter what VH you are on when farming it?

This bug is still unfixed. I get Sapper mobs from Eista more often than not when playing as FL4K.

hmm. I got 1 sapper and like 5 Tr4iner mods on Moze from Amach. I switched to Fl4k and got all Fl4k so no difference. I wonder if it’s the boss.