Does DLCs only have one new Legendary class mod per VH?

Do we know for a face the Wedding DLC coming up will only have 1 new legendary mod per Vault hunter ?
I ask because like almost all of you I was looking forward to a new class mod for Moze that will bring her up to par with other VHs, instead we are getting arguably the worst class mod in the game so far .

I was really excited for the DLC, now I’m not.

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One class mod per VH is probably the reasonable expectation. It’s what we got with DLC1 and the Maliwan Takedown before it. We can only hope a patch comes along to buff Moze or the mod is better than it looks.

I’m not especially happy with them fixing flaws in the characters through adding gear. I’d much rather have them actually fix the characters.

Oh well. There’s always the other mods. As far as I know, nobody’s seen those yet.

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There’s another Takedown coming in May so perhaps another class mod is coming soon.

They better give us one that gives our pets steroids this time.

Hmmm but GBX never outright said its 1 per DLC right ?

Moze is really screwed in term of class mod. Considering the global buff every vault hunter received, they should undo the bloodletter nerf. Her splash damage mod is good, but only work with very specific build and weapon, the rest is crap.

I mean, the green monster mod could have been good, it you switched corrosive damage by radiation or cryo, at least it would have had a better window of usefullness

Rocketeer is the only class mod i would consider to be truly bad. The rest is ranging from excellent to decent, 3 of which are probably among the best in the game.

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i still think that bloodletter is pretty good
the problem is that her red tree doesnt offer any kind of sustain for this class mod xD
force feedback should fill this roll

Yeah bloodletter is all I use because I like using a variety of weapons and not just splash

It’s never been said outright, but that’s been the trend. I suspect Fl4k will get the god mode MOD this go around.