Does Duct tape Mod work while using 2 action skills?

like title says, can i get this to proc even when using 2 action skills?

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Yes, in fact the only reason to invest in this skill is when you are using two action skills.


And it works best with low magazine size /fast reload guns. Speed 'loading Hellwalker can get pretty hilarious.

You will only get at max 1 grenade every 8 seconds.

Your average grenade proc with fast shooting and fast reloading ~ 3 seconds combined will net you a grenade every 17 seconds with continual, nonstop shooting.

For 5 points, for such a pitiful return, it is by far the worst of Zanes skills and probably in entire game.

It has great potential though if GB wants to make it a cool skill.

It’s a supplemental skill, lol. I’ve been killed by it going off when I didn’t expect it, but that’s part of it’s beautiful chaos. It’s there to use your grenade mod, and it does a really good job of adding to the clone and drones throwing. I only have one natural point in it, and another from my Shockerator