Does Echo even exist?

I’ve killed Warden probably 50 times now, atleast. i’ve had 4 breeders a lyuda and god knows how many class mods. worst part is, i don’t even think i’m going to use it - i just want it in my collection, if i can find some were to actually store it.

it’s warden that is supposed to drop this… right?

I’ve thrown 4 away since I’ve reached 50 but none from warden. Make sure you look at grey items because all mine were grey with the red flavor text.

wait whaaat, i thought it was a legendary torque weapon?!

Is this what you’re referring to?

OP is talking about a gun that you can find on this list -


yeah, warden supposedly have a increased droprate for drop echo during this week, i don’t even want to know what the % it was before haha

I’ve gotten 1 to drop from him after a ludicrous number of runs. If i didn’t like the pistol so damn much, I would’ve given up after 20 attempts. Those other elements continue to elude me thougj… T_T

It is an item! Since claptrap mentioned them turning the last echo into grenades I’ve been waiting to find it. Warden drops it?

I got it from Aurelia. I think it can drop anywhere.

you’re thinking of echo 2.0, the white granade mod ! there’s a torgue pistol named echo aswell, it’s slightly confusing

Dunny thing happened last night. I farmed Warden again and he still didn’t drop another one for me. One of the mobs did though. Lmao

Sidenote: I got 3 or 4 legendary class mods from him in that farming session. I don’t know if the boss event’s loot tables are jacked up or what, but he drops them WAYYYYY more than P&T.

yeah, pain and terror do some serious sleight of hand it seems.

i get that RNG will always be RNG but it’ really doesn’t seem to add up currently. i’ve had way more class mods from warden than from katagawa, granted i have killed warden more times.

hell, i even had 2 nova berner, 1 gatlin gun and a bitch from warden during during my time farming him this week. it’s a pretty funny coincidence i think

Yeah…I got 3 Lead Sprinklers from him last night too. Lol

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I have a double penetrating one that just dropped for me right now.

i had it. it was such an annoying grenade. like dumb strong, but more like a novelty. idk why i had it.