Does Elisa Melendez sing the 'Stealth Shuffle' during the credits?

Elisa does the voice of Tyrene. Tyrene sings this song during the end credits. Does Elisa sing this song or did you get someone else?


It’s Elisa, she does lots of singy stuff. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the answer! She has an amazing voice.

That part really caught me off guard. Reminded me of the Portal song at the end.
But off guard in a good way. I was just busy browsing my phone when I heard something on my headphones. I turned it all the way up and heard her singing the Claptrap dialogue. Was extremely funny and honestly really good. Such a cute voice.

I wonder if we’ll have more of those funny songs in the future.
(At the end sometimes you can hear the COV Radios and they talk about Troy and Tyreen being killed by the Vault Thief. Felt bad for the COV a bit)

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