Does Enemy Damage Now Scale With Mayhem? Normal Enemies Near Instakilling

Ive been noticing since DLC3 release that in Mayhem 10 normal enemies not even badasses on their own are able to cut through my entire 30k shield and about 16k of my 18k shield literally instantly on a regular basis almost every time infact whereas before DLC3 dropped this would basically never happen and only bosses were really being this threatening i didnt see anything in patch notes but are enemies now scaling their damage with Mayhem 10?

To be clear this isnt a complaint im all in favour of extra difficulty im just wondering where exactly this MASSIVE spike in enemy damage is coming from as i personally ddint see any mention of it in patch notes. Also is anyone else experiencing this? if not it could be a bug which would be something else to look into.

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Oh GBX does leave alot of things undocumented.
Some of it may be the MH modifiers themselves. After the big MH2.0 fix patch, Laser Fare and Post Mortem were both buffed, with zero mention anywhere.

Main point here is not everything gets documented or mentioned by the devs.

Yeah noticed that but i kept the same multipliers i had before but was taking a ton more damage which was galaxy brain, healy avengers, pool party and buddy system. i swapped pool party off for chain gang and buddy system for post mortem but yeah same situation now just to see if anyone else has noticed they are getting basically 1 shot by trash mobs more often now.

GBX have mentioned several times that enemies deal the same damage regardless of mayhem level - which is why they don’t have shield capacity scaling with it.

One thing that did get changed with the last update though was splash damage. According to the stream, environmental splash damage on enemies is increased (but not on you). That said, there does seem to be something odd going on there: see for example all the posts about people killing themselves while trying to refill their Transformer shields at MH10.

So the question would be, is it splash or regular damage that’s taking you down?

I died using galaxy brain before and just assumed it is enemies shooting my head, since its bigger as well. There is an audio cue, too. I guess you should get rid of big heads and try again.

What character are you playing on? With Moze and Amara there’s a good chance you are murdering yourself with self-damage…

They probably have an OPQSystem and some kind of other elemental damage on their damage. Since OPQS nova got buffed accidentally, every little other damaged type other then shock on your nova is taking you down.

Im playing fl4k and its not splash as in barrels as theres none around, not sure about enemies splash weapons like torgue weapons though. im using a transformer i could use a different shield? also im using galaxy brain but i was before so i cant see it being that else it would be the same before the update. Also i know enemy damage didnt USED to scale wth Mayhem 10 im wondering if it got changed this patch and now does? cause SOMETHING has changed about enemy damage

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Ive stopped using my opq since the patch as it was too op and i got bored of it so its not that. also im using a transformer so shock heals my shields anyway

Do you have the skill to add radiation element to your damage?

Nope no radiation at all anywhere in my build, items or weapons

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I keep hearing oh mayhem doesnt increase damage done to u. With the chaos of enemies not insta dying you do take more damage.

Enviromental effects

The lasers can double spawn and eventriple spawn randomly and insta down you.

And can be stupid at times. Its not horrible.but its too random sometimes. I guess thats mayhem.

But i dislike.mayhem…modifiers as is. Im.not even playing anymore.

New dlc bosses can be killed in. Seconds

Ima hope they find a balance once day and instead of just flat buffing and nerfing enemies find some creative ways to have different enemy types increased badasses individual mob resistances instead of flat immunities etc.
Also true vault hunter style different boss encounter feel and style.

Bosses should survive a little longer and be worth farming.

While every enemy in the game isna spong makes no sense a boss should.

But uh using dmg resistance rolls makes u godlike anywaus but theyrr hard to get with other good stats.

i get what you are saying but im using the exact same modifiers as before and this never happened before the DLC 3 patch so SOMETHING has changed for me. it could just be a bug i dont know but if i cant pinpoint what it is i cant adjust and work around it.

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I guess we would need a video and gear to pinpoint or at least make educated guesses on what’s going on. Splash and Pets got buffed. I think we can take pets out. So it probably has something to do with splash hitting yourself or getting reflected or something.

no surprise ur getting 1 shotted all the time , because fl4k lol .

to fix it , use 3 shot fade or gamma , rakk is very strong but doesn’t get u any survivability , rakk heals doesn’t help u all that much

I was fl4k before the patch and wasnt having these issues so dont think my character is to blame, i have come to the realisation i was using the crit bonus jabber so the splash buff may have been hitting me ill have to see if it feels better with the spiderant that everyone but me was using lol

You’re not crazy, since the update it has felt similar to UVHM where if you don’t constantly out heal health gate you’re getting one-shotted.

I think it may have been my jabber his barrel splash must have been doing it as it feels much better with the spiderant scorcher. i bet the pet buff includes his barrel throw so it hurts me way more than before all i can think of. guess ill stick to the spiderant

There may be something with splash damage. Either that or the Transformer shield. I do know even with a Level 60 Transformer, my Fadeaway FL4K was in FFYL alot more than usual.

Today I was experimenting at the Jack Dummy with my Zane. I was checking damage values on a radiation Handsome Jack Hammer with the 130% bonus after swapping with Clone. I will admit I had my old level 57 Transformer on.

I tested without swapping first to see what were normal valubles. I emptied a magazine, then threw it. Fired one bullet and threw it. Ok damage values. Set up clone so I fired from the same spot. Swapped with clone, fired a bullet, then threw it. Went into FFYL from the blast. Was so surprised did not even see what the damage value was but the explosion was so large it took me right out :frowning:

Something has changed.

  • Your level: we went from 57 to 60.
    The scaling of health is not the same as the one for weapon damage.
    At L60M0, it feels like playing on L57M3, no huge difference.
    At L60M10, you get to notice weapon damage starts to ramp up hard.
    On the next level cap increase, it will get worse.

Remember Borderlands 2 scaling ?


  • Grenades and melee do significant damage.
    This applies to your own - as you may self-kill with grenades or splash-skills.
    This also applies to enemies, getting too close is not full benefit.

  • We get inconsistent balance patches that swift damage sources.
    Takes time to adapt when you have to re-learn how much relative damage there is from this or that. A pistol may now hit harder than a rocket launcher. Much harder.

Remember how OP levels up or down, or finding a good legendary could impact difficulty ?