Does Enemy Damage Now Scale With Mayhem? Normal Enemies Near Instakilling

Yeah, enemy damage is out of hand. I’m filling out a support ticket.

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could be shock? most of the time enemies don’t have time to shoot me hahaha…

i’m zipping around, taking cover and headshotting anything that stands in my way! :slight_smile:

glad it finaly feels more like old mayhem again (if only they would drop weapon scaling without breaking the game again, add more difficulty levels and make modifiers optional)

Not sure why anyone would like this change, but agree with optional modifiers. Doesnt make sense for weapon scaling to go away since enemy health increases with mayhem scaling.

On my moze with 84k shield enemy hits me three times all my shield is gone and it is not splash damage something is very wrong here can confirm started with dlc 3.

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pretty simple if i explain them to you (i think) so going to give it a shot :wink: and you’ll probably get the gest of it :wink:

why remove weapon scaling:
who ever played M10 probably won’t go back to M9 (or even lower) because they have M10 scaled weapons (2 kinda big problems here)

  1. you’re OP in anything under M10
  2. if you want to play characters in other mayhem levels will clutter your vault/inventory

adding more difficulty levels:
not realy a must (seeing removing the scaling people would probably have to drop down a few mayhem levels but stick with me for a sec.)
but ATM there’s players allready nuking M10 (i’m not nuking it persé but atm with good weapons, but i’m sure when i have the best gear again i will be nuking M10)

now i think you get why i suggested both (as they are paired towards the same goal) :wink:

and what could this possibly aprove on? coop! :rofl: now i have to say, i never played coop for a second in this game. however i’ve read a lot of comments on how horid it is (due to all the things that you have to look for like, mayhem level and type of game you want -> boss run, mobbing, takedown, etc.)

removing scaling will enable people to join any game no matter the mayhem level due to there’s no scaled weapons :wink: (so you don’t ruin the other player’s fun by turning everything into a pink mist before they even empty 1 mag haha)

now, i don’t know if you like the idea now haha (i’m not forcing people to like my ideas haha)

If you are saying enemy health should not scale, then yes I would agree with you weapons should not scale. It’s all or none. Either everything scales, or nothing at all.

doesn’t realy matter in that situation :wink:

as there’s no reason to play at the highest mayhem level appart from pushing yourself to the highest :wink: but again, like i said in the previous post. when scaling gets removed people now blazing through mayhem would probably be forced to tone down their mayhem level for the time being.

this counters a few problems with the current way the game increases difficulty and handles items.

without weapon scaling you can finaly play the difficulty that is right for you. like is said, i have no problems playing M10… but the problem being, when i get the best of the best items (would take me a few days normaly but after M2.0 problems i drasticly cut my BL3 playtime and moved on to other games) M10 will be far to easy again… even if they added a new mayhem level i would have to grind M11 variants of the items i just farmed and within days the M11 would be far to easy so they have to increase it to M12 and within days…

now imagine that WITHOUT weapon scaling :slight_smile:

let’s say i have to drop down to M6 without weapon scaling in order to have the same efficiency i have now. i will farm a few days and find better versions of my items (and/or find better builds) and gradualy increase my mayhem level untill i feel i’m at the peak of what i can handle. again finding new weapons with slightly better stats (and rolls) and/or further improve my build.

and at this moment (and i hope they never scale anything other then the current if they’re not going to remove weapon scaling completely) only weapons and grenades scale (shield do NOT scale and that’s a good thing)

what they should keep though (and this will actualy make it impactfull instead of an other layer of scaling) is anointments (let’s say they start dropping on M6 and like it is now, 100% anointed on mayhem 10 -> i even think they should include quest items received when finishing a quest on M10)

now, there’s no point arguing if they would scale enemy healt into oblivion the higher you set your mayhem level… :slight_smile:

as the only thing that happens is, game gets harder and you get better reward in return. you play at the level you feel comfortable with… now everybody wants to play (or just plays) M10…

it gives people a way to take the easy road without actualy doing anything for it (because GBX forces them to farm guns over and over again to progress through the mayhem levels ON TOP of the unlimited variants on rolls)

keep the level of scaling in the current mayhem levels (let’s forget there’s the modifiers for this haha)

That would be a disaster if I understand you correctly. Weapons have to scale or enemies will become bullet sponges.

Mystery solved:

So, no fix for it yet, but hopefully in an update sooner rather than later. (Also note the bit at looking at scaling damage inflicted by shields on enemies.)


Enemies already are bullet sponges, now they are just hitting harder. All of this unintentional, it seams, judging from this week’s report.

Yeah i KNEW something had changed I WASNT CRAZY lol. but yeah changing to spiderant scorcher did help too i guess i was getting barrel trolled by jabber AND this was happening :stuck_out_tongue:

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Honestly, since the latest batch of weapons (cartel, m6, DLC3) enemies die like flies with the right weaponry and the right build…
And I’m talking about 3/4 builds per character and gear farmable in 1/2 hours of gameplay.

Sure, what’s another 6 weeks for a patch? We’re just been waiting 10 months for this developer to get its act together.

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This is more of a problem than a solution. I don’t want to use ‘the right weaponry’, I want to use whatever I want to use. In a game that boasts having a bazillion weapon, having a few selected ones deemed the ‘right ones’ is contradictory.

And I don’t want to use the ‘right build’, I want to use my selected build. There can’t be something as a bad build on Borderlands, so given the choices we have to improve our characters, my build can only be slightly worse, equal or slightly better than any other.

I, as a casual gamer, should be able to get the same fun in here as any other person, no matter the build or weaponry I choose and get the same rewards as anyone else, easier or harder to get, depending on the effort I’m willing to put in. That was, of course, until Gearbox introduced Mayhem 2.0 and gear scaling system. But that’s a whole other issue, one that I opposed against enough times.

That sounds about right. Gearbox is not acting quickly enough on gameplay breaking issues that need a quick action. 2 or 3 minor hotfixes per week and promises of what’s to be fixed leaves a lot to be desired. Instead the problem lingers for several weeks, potentially pulling people out of the game. Not me though. I’m a idiot. I still love Borderlands regardless.

In my post I stated that with the right build and gear enemies die like flies.
If you use sub par gear and builds they die slower, but they still die.
As for takedowns, well you have to optimize a bit, but they are not that bad for being end game content.

I feel like this game is someone’s high school science project gone amuck.

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GBX is headquartered in Texas. Have you seen what’s happening with Covid-19 numbers down there lately? I think it would be reasonable to cut any company trying to keep things going under those circumstances some slack.


Hear hear.

Through all of this and we are still getting weekly hotfixes (the vast majority of which are pretty major fixes and changes), monthly patches (it does take time to get those certified with MS and Sony), and pretty regular content (a lot of which has been free).

Quit your d***ed whining and go enjoy this game. Honestly it’s in a really good place right now. Or take a break and play something else for awhile. The borderlands will still be here to welcome you with open arms and a butt ton of mayhem.

The frequency that patches are coming in be it pre-covid19 or during covid19 has been the same, the quality however, is not. Also if you don’t want to deal with the impatience and frustration of the people unhappy with current state of the game, maybe gearbox shouldn’t do things like releasing half baked content until it’s actually ready (aka Mayhem 2.0, also post-covid19), and patching bits at a time, several weeks in between, only to still find major problems with it over 2 months on. That leaves several other and much older issues behind.