Does event double xp stack with purchasable xp?

Probably been asked before but couldn’t find an answer!

So nobody knows?

Can’t think of anyone that I know who bought a double Exp so I don’t know if it stacks during an event.

I’m pretty sure I’ve read somewhere it stacks. So that you haven’t wasted your platinums.

Did anyone try this? Or find the answer?
I’d love to do some PL today!

It probably does… But well we need a wealthy súper héroe who is willing to test it.

I cant because im not wealthy and every battleborn is lvl 15 :frowning: sry guys and gurls

I can go test it right now. ^^ I got all dem platinum. When I get results, I’ll report back.

I did 2 bot matches, private. Capture. Won both.

First without exp boost:
122 exp

Second with exp boost;
144 exp


I posted that from my phone so…
Anyways, I did two matches of Capture. Filled my team with bots, the enemy had only 1 bot. We won really fast, not that bug of a time difference. So I got 122 exo first match and 144 exp second match and I don’t really get if this stacks or not… It IS more after the boost. I was too lazy to play about 6 matches, 3 without boost and 3 with. I guess that would have been a better test. But I’m not sure what gives a 20 exp difference. It’s too much to be different because I played better/worse.

That’s still kind of ridiculous! So if you pay for double xp you get like 1/5 of the double exp on top of it!