Does evil lilith really drop the bllodstarved beast?

Im sitting at 59 kills and have not seen a single one does it drop from another enemy i thought monarchs were hard to come by this thing is on another level of rng i would have better luck following a rainbow looking for a pot of gold then getting this thing to drop.


Yes she does but I haven’t played the dlc a lot so I really can’t say if it can drop as a world drop.

Are you onPS4? I’ve got a X3 Cryo consecutive hits I can give you to ease the pain.

It doesn’t, Lilith is the only drop for it and the drop rate is awful.

Blood Starved Beast is not a fun or effecient farm. I lucked out and got a few x3 variants which are awesome, so I can’t say the farming effort isn’t worth it …

Yes i am gamertag reaper2846 that would be very helpfull.

PSN is wonga-bunny. I’m on Friday. Are you on then?

Yes i will be on are you having trouble with the gamertag or psn down.

I’ve added you but can’t message. Must be your settings. Can you check and message me.

According to all the info I have read, the Blood Starved Beast and Prompt Critical are dedicated drops from Evil Lilith.

I have farmed Evil Lilith more than 50 times (I stopped counting after 50), and she has only dropped 1 Blood Starved Beast, and 3 Prompt Critical’s.

However, both the Blood Starved Beast and Prompt Critical are also world drops. I have gotten 2 Blood Starved Beasts from the first big constructor bot on the Dr. Benedict map

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What setting s should i have it on im on default settings i dont play much multiplayer games you are on my friends list.

Why would they add a very cool gun if we cant get it makes no sense i finally got a ase 2 mags after 68 kills wtf gearbox fix these dedicated drops in dlc4.the prompt drops alot but the beast does not drop hardly at all how did these youtubers get god roll beast are they just modded versions or something.

She drops it.

I got a 3x Cryo + 100% Fire Damage ASE one, the single time I could be arsed to play through DLC4.


How can something be so short, and yet manage to be such an unbearable slog at the same time?