Does Experimental Munitions not stack twice?

I have like 700 hours on Moze and just noticed this when I equipped a marksman mod.

Does EM only apply once? That kinda sucks I guess.

I think that’s just a graphical issue. I believe you do get extra damage. Not sure if it would be 30% though.

Hm… Because I wanted to test out this with the Dahl ARs I have.:

I feel like Moze gets so many of these confusing “graphical issues”. Anyway. Thanks!

I just tested it with a wagon wheel. Base Damage of ~10k

With 1/1 in EM, my extra fire damage did 2883

With 2/1 in EM, my extra fire damage on crit was 5767. So it does look like you do get a boost from going 2/1.

The numbers are probably skewed away from 15% and 30% of the base 10k damage because the dummy is flesh based

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@drugfreepizza is right, it stacks but just doesn’t show it on the skill for whatever reason. Been like that since launch.

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Lol how did I not ever notice before? And holy crap that class mod is pretty good when landing crits.

When in doubt (number 38)

Yeah it’s a pretty chunky boost for a purple mod that isn’t available on any legendaries.

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Yeah I like the Marksman com alot. Also a fan of the firewalker. Been trying to find a +5 Drowning in Brass since the game came out ;___;

We should have a “purple class mod” challenge some day

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I think you could do ttd with there Marksman from the looks of it

I forgot about that FAQ! I read through it a bit back. Lots to remember

I never remember everything in there. I learn something from it once in a while haha

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