Does Fl4k actually need an OP mod?

I think they’re in a good spot now and can still hold their own against Zane with seein’dead and Amara with spiritual driver. I see people claiming they are weaker than the other two all the time though.

  • Yes.
  • No.

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Only for the pets. They need something to fix them, and I’ll gladly take a flex seal solution.


Yes but not OP for DPS OP for survivability with giving some good skills for DPS.


I was hoping pets would get a nice buff from the 3 levels but it’s not looking that way.

What exactly could they use for extra survivability?

For the pets maybe, but I’d prefer them to do some actual balancing so the pets are generally stronger, smarter and more responsive. A big patch like they did for Iron Bear, the pets (not enough) and Zane (in general) would be great. Then if they could buff Amara’s melee for M4 that would be good too.


I’m still doing work with my Red Fang, but maybe certain builds could use a better com. I used to think Red Fang’s taunt should have been part of the blue tree from the get go, but then I realized I’d probably just use a cosmic stalker or bounty hunter instead.


I don’t know but maybe it would already be enough if they fixed his stackbot to not lose all stacks if you damage the enemy with a dot


They could roll life steal in as the feature of it. All of FLaks healing is regen (HoT) something more direct is needed.


I don’t want to be that person but…
Cough Cough… Moze

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No she’s fine too, she has plenty of build diversity and I’m sure every mod but one has a solid easy to use build to solo the takedown.
I’m trying to work on a rough rider Moze and she was just rolling over everything up until I met Wotan. But thanks to Kab I’ve almost got her figured out.

Ehh if that’s how you feel i run an iron bear build and Zane usually kills everyone before i can catch up also is infinite ammo shield REALLY diverse? almost everyone builds her the same~ i feel like she needs some love personally


Fl4k has plenty enough ways to dole out good damage, but a survival-based legendary com would be nice to see. Something like an increase in your passive health regen’s effectiveness the closer you are to an ally or pet, lifesteal when the pet does damage, converting a portion of your shield into your health as an inversion of the Front Loader, health regen based on movement speed (Fl4k can actually haul some ass when built right), etc.

And Moze isn’t really in a great spot, if this thread is any indication. She can get the job done but it takes a lot more effort.


I think he obviously does. Fl4k doesn’t have a single truly impactful class mod other than the Red Fang. Nothing else that results in a noticeable difference in performance, or changes the way he plays. Amara has the Driver, Zane has the Seein Dead, Moze has the Blastmaster and Bloodletter. Take these COMs away from their respective classes and their identity completely changes. Fl4k? Well, I can say from personal experience that it is possible to wear the wrong COM for several maps without feeling a big difference in performance.

Just because Fl4k can perform to a similar as certain classes doesn’t mean he isn’t lacking or can’t be made better. Pre Seein Dead, lots of Zane players swore by his capabilities compared to the other 3 toons. Pre Driver, Amara was already the top dog for mobbing. Hell, those COMs weren’t even allowed for Takedown Challenge and the 2 still held their own. Fl4k needs some love from the devs too.

At this point, its clear Fl4k’s class identity is that of a glass cannon- but yet he lacks any COM which truly reinforces the cannon aspect. I don’t feel Fl4k needs a ‘do-it-all’ COM like the Seein Dead, Phasezerker or Blastmaster, but he needs a COM which can massively amp his DPS under niche conditions. The St4ckbot was obv meant to be that but hasn’t worked out thus far.

Oh and the pets need some help too, but its hard to find a way where a pet com would actually be op. But they do need a COM to make them relevant at M4.

While a survivability COM would help, it would have to be really powerful to actually be useful and I feel that’s not the right focus a Fl4k COM should have. Fl4k’s identity is a glass cannon - COMs should reinforce that, rather than make him another ‘do-it-all’ class that requires little player awareness to maximize by making Fl4k as tanky as Amara or Zane. And if the COM is not impactful enough to make Fl4k hyper-survivable, its hard to conceive anyone really using it.

I personally don’t research other builds but I’ve seen unique ones on this forum.
I will say her skill trees do feel constrictive at times so I imagine specs can be similar quit alot.

That’s just because it’s so easy to spec that way and they usually have the least trouble getting out of FFYL. I agree :100: that a survivablity mod would put them in a better place over all and it would not need to be OP to the point of boredom.

Still if you want survivability gammaburst offers some options for insane survivability and you don’t necessarily need redfang or just build around a good friend bot mod and combine the scorcher with your favorite healing items.

I disagree that its the way people spec - you could invest in every single healing skill in the Red and Green trees and you would still be a total glass cannon. That’s because Fl4k’s survivability is alot like Zer0’s - he’s no tank. He uses his action skill to avoid rather than tank damage (be it Fade Away or GB with Red Fang) to indirectly increase his survivability. Which is why I feel any COM that directly buffs his tankiness is kinda not really in the spirit of the character.

That said, I have nothing against a survivability COM - COMs need variety, and they can’t all be DPS oriented. I just wouldn’t want one that is too strong - and make the game kinda brainless as you say. That said, if a Fl4k survivability COM isn’t very strong, you should expect it to not receive much attention - that has always been the trend in Borderlands - survivability is a means to an end, not the end itself.

What I do really want is a COM which encourages players to play differently to reap great rewards. I feel this has been a huge issue with so many COMs in BL3 - instead of rewarding player skill and interaction, they just play the game for you. The Bounty Hunter, Seein Dead, Phasezerker and Driver are all symptomatic of that. I do feel if there are any ‘OP’ coms in the future, their power should not come for free, but rather encourage players to change the way they play.


I main Fl4k, I voted no. He doesn’t need a new shiny OP class mod. His skills need tweaked some for more built in survivability.

Make Rage and Recover a Hunter kill skill that returns a percentage of health on kill. I would think 4% per point spent. The Bounty Hunter would be able to randomly be able to proc it as it would be a hunt kill skill. It would also allow Fl4k to be able to get away from the otto idol and justify its placement in his skill tree.


I agree. Red Fang is the game changing survivability COM. Nothing else FL4K has, not even Fade Away, can approach Red Fang in terms of staying alive.

IMO, there are 2 options that make sense:

  1. A pure damage COM with interesting conditions i.e. “Deal more damage the further you are from enemies. Melee attacks knock enemies back”.
  2. Bandaid pet fix i.e. “Pets deal 400% increased damage for 1 minute after being petted” or “Attack commands no longer have a cooldown and attack twice as fast”.

FL4K is has so many damage skills that a damage COM should have interesting requirements (Stackbot would do it if it didn’t work like dooky). For pets, just give me anything I don’t care what it is anymore. I don’t care if it’s lazy or uninspired or doesn’t fix the core issues. I sincerely doubt GB is going to adjust anything but skill numbers, so just give me a bunch of them so I can have fun already.