Does Gear Stack?

I have never really seen anything telling me if i can just equip multiple copy of the same gear and increase one stat. From what i have read on forum posts people say you can but i have never seen anything official so i am curious if this is true? Mostly because people are saying a lot of different things, but with this system im a little worried.

For example i got this great headgear for like thorn or marquise where crit damage is like +8% damage and then a secondary ability that if i crit for 5 seconds my next crit damage is like +5% damage. So if i stacked gear like this my first crit would be +24% damage and my crits after would me +39%?

Then take like Phoebe who at lvl 7 gets +20% attack speed, now i have an items that has +7% attack speend and when i hit with a melee attack it gives +5% attack speed for 5 seconds. So if you stack this gear her first attack speed is 41% and it goes up to 56% attack speed?

I hope so cause I just assumed it did…

You cannot equip two wrenches to reduce build costs for example. Cause you can only have one type of item per set.
BUT you can have different items that boost the same stat directly or indirectly. Say a magazine that gives ROF and a Fist
that gives damage for DPS. Or Health regen on a Wrench and health regen on armor.

just make believe no hard facts (at least not backed up by any research just common sense)

higher level equipment has up to three positive effects if they are good rolls. however for PVP I use blue single stat gear cause its more cost effiecient. in PVE I go for maximum performance because in advanced you’ll need it at the end of the level.

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We don’t have any official word, which I know you’re asking for. But from what the community has gathered, the answer to your question is: “yes”.

The only thing I’m not 100% sure of is the interaction with talents, but I believe that it works like so:
(I’m going to use easier numbers, for r the sake of example.)
My attacks are for 100 damage.
Critical hits deal 150 damage (1.5x)
If I increase my critical damage by 10%, my attacks are 100 and my crits are 165
If I increase my critical damage by another 10%, my crits raise up to 180

Add-on. If I were to increase my attack damage (like marquis can do) by 20%
my attacks would be 120, and my crits would be 216

I am pretty sure this is exactly how it works. Not much of a numbers cruncher or theorycrafter or RPG toon tweaker.
But this is how these things usually work so they can be expected to work the same here. Unless they are broken OR
they refer to a new stat like +% HEALTH RECEIVED which does not apply to self-healing.

Yea it should stack with different items.

“-25% Recoil
+9% Shield Pen stacking to (26%)
+8% attackspeed stacking to (13%)
+10% Crit dmg”

^ current one of my loadouts. aprox values

So that still raises the question, if you can make marquise and pheobe stronger in an aspect they already get buffs in then does that overpower them in comparison to other characters like wrath, who has life steal genetic buffs that you can not get gear up (and dont tell me the damage buff equals that much greater life steal 10% buff on damage does not help when you only have 10% life steal making the overall health stolen only 1% difference) on equal footing with those characters?

Also, can you get the same gear piece twice? I know its random but has anyone ever gotten the exact same piece? I would imagine the chances are astronomically low so i probably do not need to worry too much about this happening.

Some toons will be OP. Damage usually outperforms hitpoint regen. Hit point regen is good if you play guerilla tactics.
Lifesteal usually cannot keep up with burst damage or insane dps.

You can get the same item twice, but the numbers may vary.

I don’t think so. Because if you’re buffing a character that already gets a buff in that aspect, you’re adding a smaller effective percentage.

Another example: (again, fake numbers for ease)
If Phoebe has a talent that grants +20% attack speed. 100% --> 120% is a 20% increase.
Now, if she adds on an item that grants +10% attack speed. 120% --> 130% is only about an 8% effective increase from what she can already do.
Comparatively, a character that doesn’t get an inherent boost gains the “full effect”, so to say
Does that make sense?

I do not understand if the math works that way but whose to say it does not work opposite that like now that i have 120% attack speed, increasing it 10% now means i have 132% attack speed?

I now understand what your concern was originally.

No. All the increases are additive. If you have +10% Attack Speed from 5 different sources, then you get 150% attack speed.
100 +10+10+10+10+10 = 150

So if i had 150% attack speed with pheobe and doing 100 damage a second, in 5 seconds i have done 750 damage right?

If i am playing pheobe with no attack speed an lets say attack damage to 130% and im doing 100 damage, then my damage after 5 seconds is 650. So doing the math 100 damage is not that great of a difference (and you have to take her 20% speed boost otherwise the damage is the same) So i guess its not really unbalanced.

Crit mechanics might be different but that takes a lot of skill and you might get some shots on lower health targets to get the kill but you wont one shot full health people. So how much is that really unbalancing if any? Maybe towards comparing an already fast attack speed pheobe with her helix and gear buff can now get more attacks what means putting out more damage then lets say a wrath who might have a slower attack speed by default with no helix boost. This is where i might have confused myself because how does wrath counter this in terms of gear?

Now it is just finding each characters strong points and building equipment to match. I wish i new this info about gear day 1 though, i thought the same gear items like shoes did not stack if you already had a pear of shoes on the load out. Sold some duplicates i had that i would not of otherwise.

what good is gear info if RNGesus does not bestow the required gear for that build upon you?

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i hear you on that. i been getting nothing but gain shards, the wrench, recoil reduction as the most common things. all junk!!!

i been getting so little reload, attack damage and attack speed and the UPR faction pack are locked till 28 Grrrr

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I believe the buffs that take effect after 180 seconds of staying alive stack every 180 seconds. Can anyone confirm?

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I can confirm that this is false. It only happens once (per life). If you die, the bonus goes away.

So i have been looking into creating a loadout to help me with one of thorn’s and experimenting. What are the caps on bonuses? Example: shield pen. 15% + another item that gives 5%. Does it cap at 18%, and negate the last 2%?

So there are caps, i have two active gear peices; 1 has -21% buildable cost and +1.40 shards per second while shield is down. The other has a bonus of -14% buildable cost while shield is down. The shards per sec is activating, but the buildable cost caps at 21%, the 14% does not even register.

Can you give an example?

on buildable i ran this for ■■■■ and giggles , seems like no cap, finiscian wrench -16.14% buildable, cooldown -3.23 . and turrets do 5% critical , then ran generous refund policy 1.90 sec shards, build cost -12.64% and refund 25% cost of the destroyed , then ran discounting platinum-plated coil -0.82 shield charge and -11.00 buildable cost , was cost like 220 ish , and each time added them , the price of the buildable on pvp went down , ended up building like 38 turrets in a minion match . so had 39% cheaper and were costing like 220 ish and tier 3 was 300 ish .