Does Gearbox really understand the BB community right now?

I ask this after watching the stream from Thursday which was full of OTT Reverse psycology and at the same time belittling the forums as a “vocal minority of the BB community”. (imo oppion of what i have heard such as the response to all the criticism of Meltdown changes and Chaos Rumble as “well we had fun with them in office at lunch”

It really is time that the reality of the playbase is acknowledged. Asking people in the stream to “go into quickmatch to try it instead of playing incursion” to then remove the incursion playlist and add the mode as a frequent option in QM has results in guess what, incursion being on the whole voted for ow in QM.

I am finding it hard to find something to enjoy now outside of the grind of command rank growth (now 110 at time of posting) and even commpleted all 20 “challenges” now so just mundane dailies now.

i like incursion but it can be full of try hards and as usual, often getting teamed up with newby scrubs who rage quit when they get their uneducted butt handed to them during a match,. QM is the answer to that but now Mutant Meltdown is boring to play thanks to the lame Finale addition.

The dread at the thought of more mutant game modes like the “big head” and “low gravity” potential ideas that were thrown up in the stream following how dire Oscar Mike’s Op was and having Montana’s thrown out so quickly is all rather depressing with this game now.

So, does Gearbox understand, really understand this BB community or is it just going through the motions before Borderlands 3 gets announced (and we all know its coming)?

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It’s not a form of “belittling” the forum community. It’s a well known fact that the amount of active forum members is always the miniority (in terms of numbers) of the whole community in any game.

There is no need to go that far

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No need to go that far?

its the truth sub 50s playing against 100s and they rage quit or call a surrender every single time. Training is doing nothing, bots battle is a joke and just a farming tool. Devs wanted more people in QM than Incursion so removed the Incursion playlist to replace it with Bots Battle and stuck it in QM which means (in my experience since Thursday) that its voted for each and every time now so you dont even get to have the matches in QM you wanted from the playlist.

but you failed to answer the question of the thread topic so cheers for that.

but still proportionally representative. You only need a small sample size to determine a whole population.


I was hoping they’d fix Meltdown this weekend. They did not and it’s still too short for me to vote for over Incursion

That was great, you heathen!

You don’t even have the damn thing yet, how do YOU know that it’s been rushed?

Is this really about us, or is it about you?


Correct. Insulting other players isn’t cool.

Let’s make it about the game, please.

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Jythri has in the past referred to this place as an “echo chamber” - in direct reference to one of my topics - and I do believe that these forums are seen to some degree as unreliable by the devs.

That’s not to say there isn’t logic to treating these forums as a place where the loudest personalities have their views blown way out of proportion. It is clear Gearbox do talk to the “community” (all those community based titles, for one) but by that, they don’t necessarily mean us here. Streamers, Reddit, etc. appear to be a more natural source of fan feedback and engagement for them.

Personally, I think that we are much less of an echo chamber than has been implied, but there is a lot of noise and a lot of stinging criticism that makes this place also unhealthy for any developer to really engage with for long. I can see both sides. I still think Meltdown Finale was a bad idea.


It depends if Gearbox see it that way. In other games the forum is ignore by the developers due to the vast amount of negativity it contributes. However, Gearbox have showed to care on what the forum community have to say. Their participation on their forum is amazing.

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  1. It was dire, 3 rooms and a lame reused boss fight.

  2. Gap between Attikus and Toby, Toby and Oscar Mike and two weeks we get Montana’s…thrown out, oh and considering how empty Oscar Mike’s Op was other than dialogue changes…yeah its rushed to compensate for it.

  3. I watched as EVOLVE was killed by choices made by the devs trying to save it. Changes are being made to BB to make it “casual and arcade fun” with changes to modes and playlists. They get some things right then mess up what fans actually enjoyed. A dialogue with the community might have saved them that.

When the player numbers started low and dropped off fast it is easier to believe the negativity is genuine. Even the mega winter update did not do much to bring back the core owners. The first week saw a boost but it is quickly dropping off. Battleborn is really not finding the way to attract and keep players unfortunately.

Gearbox has always been active on the forums and on reddit and have delivered on everything they have promised so far and have never hide in silence.

There isn’t just one community. There’s the pc, console, solo, pve, incurison, meltdown and all around community. Geardbox has made a game that tried many things and they did it with the objective to bring something rather unique. And I’m glad with the game we recieved back in May last year. Everything else is just icing.

Gearbox are listening, and the Winter update is the reward.


Opinions are opinions, if you don’t like it fine, but you can’t just say it was dire. So sorry if shooting dudes isn’t enough for you in an fps.

Again, you have yet to play montana’s op, so you are NOT at liberty to pass judgment on this.

You need to ask yourself this, do you care about this game? If the answer is yes, then stop complaining. What you’re doing isn’t criticism, it’s complaining. If you want to give criticism, give a suggestion as to how to fix the problem. A dialogue with the community… That’s what these forums are, dude. The vocal minority is all that’s left of us, they may not see this but it’s the truth.

Either way, your post sounds more like you venting your frustrations than you actually asking a question.


I have my opinion and you have yours, but its ironic you think you can tell me what I can and cannot say/think/believe :wink:

It was dire, the worst, weakest and shortest of the 3 ops (paid for DLC btw). As for rushed I am and only have talked about its release timing and not its content. Months between 3 ops and now we get another in just two weeks is rushed…let that sink in if you can.

Complaining and criticism are the same, you dont agree and that’s lovely for you. Hope your experience is less of playing with rage quitting newbies who bought the game for less than a good burger costs and can enjoy it all day everyday with no issues or complaints of your own :slight_smile:

What? They just finished two Ops near each other. Do you want slower content?

Generalizing won’t help anything

How would you know?

Many people around these parts love it

I agree with you to an extent. Sometimes the forums get caught up by ideas they’d never hear if they hadn’t been here

All 3 of them were different?

That literally just means they’ve been working on both for the same ~ length of time


Not ironic at all. You don’t have the product, so you can’t judge it. That is just common sense. I jokingly called you a heathen, I apologize if this offended you, but I certainly never told you what you couldn’t think or believe.

No, they aren’t, take a look at a dictionary before you get smug, kiddo.

Have you stopped to consider that all the dlc characters are out now? Characters take much more time to develop than a level, especially since Montana and the Demon Bear has no doubt been in production for a while now. Efficient work isn’t done one project at a time.

Multitasking isn’t hard for a company, least of all when most of the assets are already in the game.

Sounds like you just need more patience. If you’re upset at the state of the game, then take a step to fix it by helping the community grow rather than gripe about how horrid it all is.

Said it once, and I’ll say it again, it sounds like you’re just venting your own frustrations rather than actually asking a question.


I want to comment on this “rushed” line you keep repeating. If you didn’t notice, OP 2 was released very shortly after OP 1, and OP 3 was released long after OP 2. Now OP 4 is being released very soon. Also notice that the long gap corresponded with the game updating. It is reasonable to assume that OPs 4 and 5 are already in the game, and merely have to be “enabled”, in accordance with a logical (from a marketing and content overload standpoint) release schedule.


What the hell does it want now?


Could you please elaborate a bit here Eden? Does this mean we’re just a ton of white noise to them? I really hope not. I enjoy getting to interact with the people behind any passion of mine. :pensive:

If this is true, I just wasted hours (still wip) on an elaborately long Rath what-if for the Devs to get it a kick at.