Does Healing Power or Healing Received affect Whisky Foxtrot's Killer Regen mutation augment?

Question in topic title. Which stat in gears would affect Whiskey Foxtrot’s Killer Regen mutation augment where he gains health regeneration for a short time after each kill?

If it literally says +health regen then nothing will increase it except more +health regen.

Oh interesting because i always thought the +health regen stat applies to you constantly like how eldrids heal as opposed to increasing health regen on augments where you need to activate it in this case by killing things. I will need to test this all out haha

Health regen will not be affected by Healing Power nor Healing Received unfortunately

Oh ok thanks for the answer! That actually helps me because I have gear that has good CD reduction and also sprint speed but it says -14% healing power, so i wanted to make sure that doesn’t affect Whisky Foxtrot’s killer regen augment.