Does her venom DoT get effected by attack damage gear?

Does her venom DoT get effected by attack damage gear?

I have been wondering the same thing, it would be nice to be able to modify the dmg a little. I have a tried a few things and neither +Skill dmg nor +Attack dmg have increased the ticks. Even if there were a way it wouldn’t amount to much, everything I have seen is around 10% boost so you would onmy see 1-2 dmg per tick. You would have to keep someone envenomed for a soild amount of time for it to add up to be useful. that said, every bit of dmg counts and I wouldn’t complain about an extra point or two if it worked :smiley:

How much damage does your venom do per tick? Have you ever seen the numbers change?

I want to say mine does 14 damage, but I can’t be sure.

That’s a shame. My play style with her is to cover everything in venom, its a bad game if i get less than 15 assists, so the extra damage would go far for me.

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Then get +Attack Speed.

Attack Speed increases the frequency of her Venom Canisters. And once you hit level 7 for the venom bullets, it will slightly help you get that venom out quicker.

Oh i know that, ive almost got Mellka mastery :L

You almost have Mellka Mastery… and yet, you’ve never tried to test this out for yourself? lol. Surely you could’ve gotten a quicker answer by just equipping +damage gear.

With a 17 damage tick, its hard to see a difference without compounded gear. Plus this is a new game, so i wanted to check that it wasn’t a bug happening when there wasn’t an increase to 18.

Well, it depends on how it is factored and rounded.

I highly doubt that +damage% is added per tick, but added to the total and then divided. 17 damage a second for 8 seconds is 136 damage. Even +5% attack damage would increase this by .6 damage per tick.

That could equal 18 damage every other tick, or it could round up and be 18 damage each tick. Or round down and do nothing. +10% would be more than 1 damage per tick and should show up no matter what.

My assumption is that you cannot increase it because it is a passive. Attack Damage only effects attacks, such as r2 and l2. Skill damage only increases skills such as r1, l1, and triangle. Passives are neither attacks nor skills and do not get effected.

This is all my assumption, though, I do not know.

Help us Gearbox! Lay on your game knowledge! I suspect you are right with the passive thing tbh.