Does HOLLOW POINT guardian perk still damage your own char after patch?

Still too scared to try the perk.

Can anyone who has confirm whether Hollow Point damages your own character after patch?

(If it does, then skills like Amara’s “Personal Space”, where you do more damage the closer you are to the target, become useless.)

I mean you dont need to be maximize the damage of every skill. But i believe it does still damage the player. The patch addressed the problem with multiplayer where other players will be damaged by the skill if they are close, and that’s a problem. If you have the skill you know that you should be a bit further away.
Also to be fair im still waiting on them releasing some patch that allows us to turn any of those skills on or off or the entire guardian rank feature. Only that will fix the problems those skills cause for builds.

Not sure. I do know that since they “fixed” it , i die with amara when smashing anointed statues. I seem to get every single dot that is still active on the statue on myself and no way to survive that. Very very annoying.

wow that sounds really broken, idk then, guess wait for another patch :confused: