Does Iron Bear feel WAY stronger after the patch?

All I did was put the 3 points in Drowing in Brass (not sure if IB gets the bonus from it or not ), but that’s the only difference I did. Hes absolutely shredding it.

I have to test some more.

What com are you using?

Nope Bearonator feels the same as always except a bit tankier now that I’ve used the extra points to max Vampyr.

If your build is mostly green/blue you’ll notice it. DiB applies to kills made while piloting, but doesn’t carry from pre-entry.

Has to be it. I mean at 3 points drowning in brass gives a whopping 36% damage with 3 stacks right? That’s a huge boost with IB .

Unless I’m making wrong assumptions ?

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Bloodletter. I have always used a 1hp deathless build

technically Iron Bear should be doing more damage the more levels moze has

True but the enemies have higher defense and more HP as well. One thing to note is IB will have significantly higher HP as Moze hits lvl 53.

It is possible that the patch fixed some interaction that wasn’t working properly before. I also had the same impression when I launched the game. I was literally one shotting mobs like never before (lvl 50 vs lvl 50)

You know what it is? The hearts. They’re buffs and debuffs. If I was to hazard a guess, this is a mayhem 2.0 preview. Pure speculation, of course, but I’d say they’re using this clever little event to playtest the 2.0 update. Maurice IS a CLEVER GIRL after all…


You might be on the right track but this impression I had was immediately after I starting my athenas run, before I started breaking any hearths. I might be wrong, ofc.

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I noticed my Iron Bear was at 91,000 hp at lvl 53. I primarily spam auto bear for anointments and cuz I prefer having IB fight next to me but I noticed the health bar yesterday after I finished levelling and felt like it was way higher.

Really wish I would have confirmed what it was at before I leveled.

I swear it was only at like 70,000hp before at lvl 50. If the scailing for IB is that steep we Moze mains may be in for a treat later on down the line.

As I mentioned a few comments up IB is going to have higher HP at 53. IB’s armor is based off Moze’s HP, HP raises per level. It ends up being quite a significant increase for IB.


It’s placebo from comparing DPS to Moze. Unless you have all your top tier gear at level 53, Iron Bear’s damage has bumped up while Moze’s is mostly the same. Moze on foot feels a little bit weaker because everything else is more difficult and your gear is likely still mostly level 50. Hopping in IB feels like a DPS boost right now.

My Moze feels like it takes like 30% longer to kill enemies, which isn’t a whole lot when enemies die in a second, but it is noticeable.

I imagine the boost from Artifacts and Mods at level 53 will be significant as well. They boost almost 2k each. The 3 level increase was just enough to make our current gear annoying to use, but still manageable.

Also the health boost does absolutely nothing against extra projectiles still. IB gets instantly melted haha.

Exactly. And to go further, any bonuses conferred by annointments, artifacts and coms will have a significant impact too. As far as Damage is concerned. I still think it’s the hearts. My CMT grenade minced 30 or so before I even caught a glimpse of one.

The rolls on the hearts I’ve seen so far are:
Damage up: no idea how long. Short.
Domination: turns any enemy to your side for 5 secs or so.
Loot: pops a bunch purples and oranges
Ghosts: spawns Halloween ghosts, who can in turn drop Halloween loot, annointed too. (On a side note, I’m gonna be farming the slaughters for a 25 on throw ghost call, ooft.)
Handshake: dunno what this does. Could be the domination one. Not sure.

Anyone found others?

I’ve seen a couple ghosts but didn’t get any halloween loot. Do they drop ghast calls? And do they drop any terror anoints?

Haven’t seen terror annoints, but I did have a stalker with a regular annoint drop. Which has me hoping that things that didn’t drop with annointment, like the ghast call, will now.


The extra 3 levels boosts IBs health, which is nice, and the damage of course. But what has really helped me is that I can hit all both Specialist Bear AND get full ranks on Desperate Measures while still having a couple ranks in Vampyr for healing. Only time I’ve actually had IB die on me was when my explosive minigun rounds were reflected by an anointed militant.

Same, but it were a fearmonger with regular annointment.

Don’t forget they buffed iron bears damage scaling a while ago i think 150% at 50? so that’s 3% per level 9% isn’t too bad all things considered