Does it bother anyone else

…that the Mindsweeper and Blast Master have the “wrong” skill boosts? Mindsweeper’s effect clearly synergizes with Pull the Holy Pin and Vampyr, while the Fire in the Skag Den and Togue Cross-Promotion would fit great on the Blast Master. Why are the skills swapped?

I get this would make Mindsweeper crit-chains way more likely (and therefore OP) but I’m mostly just giving commentary on the design philosophies here rather than what they would mean in a practical sense. Just wondering if anyone else thought the same thing lol.

side note: also now wondering why Mindsweeper has Redistribution and not Experimental Munitions… when that seems like a perfect choice (even if it’s generally a less valuable skill)…


Some of the skill pairings are curious to say the least. The only thing more OP than a Mindsweeper with Holy Pin would be a Blast Master with Skag Den

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I too have always wondered whether or not Gearbox accidentally got the bonus skills between the two class mods the wrong way. But that was long before Mayhem scaling was even a thing and well in today’s game, 6/3 PtHP on a Mind Sweeper COM would be insane. 10/5 FitSD would just make the Blast Master the most disgustingly OP class mod in the entire game across all vault hunters. There was also a time when I questioned why on Pandora is Cloud of Lead a bonus skill for the Rocketeer class mod, but then it already has FitSD and TCP anyway.

Looking back now, the one class mod of Moze’s that bothers me the most in the sense that I feel Gearbox missed out on a great opportunity, is the Green Monster. Now that we know that bonus elemental damage (that doesn’t feed into splash damage) is arguably one of the worst things you can give to Moze, I feel that the GM is currently at the bottom rung of the ladder when it comes to Moze’s legendary class mod range, even though it’s still not a bad class mod in itself.

What I would’ve liked to have seen instead of adding bonus corrosive damage, is for the class mod to convert ALL of Moze’s incendiary damage skills into inflicting corrosive damage instead. Stoke the Embers would boost the corrosive elemental multiplier, and FitSD may as well be temporarily renamed to Acid in the Skag Den. Who knows, maybe BL3 Redux could make it happen!


If you put 3 Pull The Holy Pin on Mindsweeper, one bullet would create a massive chain of grenades, over and over. Hex would be broken.


for your own mental safety, never use a save editor to look at the core modules of the coms.

There are a lot of questionable things that have been likely changed last minute to what we see now in game.


Care to elaborate?

This one is mindsweeper

Green monster. Notice anything strange?

Alisma is DLC4

Is this enough? @cailte

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The green monster apparently was meant to be a Blast Master, and the Mindsweeper a never stop shooting class mod. Uh.

GM was copy-pasted from a BM. That’s why it still retains the splash bonus from it.
You can see this behavior for other coms in-game, for example by looking at coms that still have the skin for the original com they were copied from.


I definitely need to get my hands on a good green monster

How broken it could be aside, its likely because of the generalist approach to classes/builds in BL3.

I mean…we tried all the other skin copy coms for stuff like this and I don’t think we actually found anything to confirm anything beside GM Blastmaster.

Trust me. I really wanted Seein Dead to also do…what was it, Shockerator? Or Cold Warrior?

I am aware. Maybe it didn’t come out clearly enough, sorry. I meant to say that one can see that in many cases they just recycled assets or coms and didn’t finish the job properly; be it either by not changing the skins or by not even caring about re-naming properly the original assets.


Oh, okay lol. Yeah. I read what you said as every copy pasted com skin was also the other com with a fancy hat.

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