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So got done with my krieg I love him so much he just tear through things like no tomorrow but I down myself too much he always goes down quickly but has short burst where he kills everything then gets downed again if anything tell me what I don’t need I got a DPUH and a bladed grog nozzle with a slag rapier and bladed b!tch with a fire element legendary sickle class mod bone of the ancients quasar and blockade and here are my skills

Tell me what I need for him to work

Thrill of the Kill only needs one point to be useful. I’d suggest this instead

You don’t want to prolong BXR with Release the Beast, instead you want it ending quicker so you can hit it again quicker, so you can get that healing and so on.

Get a Slagga and a Fastball and a Flesh Crunch Class Mod, and watch everything die with free grenades.

People told me that not having a hellborn build for kreig was gonna mess me up in the long run cause in ultimate elemental is only good for that mode

This isn’t even a thing. You have a Legendary Sickle class mod. No element involved.

People are talking crap. Krieg is absolutely fine in UVHM without Hellborn. Now, in the peak, maybe you’d need Hellborn, or at least it would be easier. But just normal UVHM, ignore what you were told.


No no no a b!tch with a fire element and a legendary sickle class mod

Apologies, just your complete lack of all grammar made it difficult to make sense of what was with what.

Awe your so mean my grammar is fine it just I forgot I was typing too fast and they said that melee/explosive kreig isn’t that good so they give my a bladed b!tch with a fire element for bloodsplosion but idk they supply me with a lot of fire stuff

The key to melee Krieg past the OP levels is the Roughrider, as it mitigates the STV self damage. You do such melee damage with boosted STV that you don’t need a Roid shield anyway. Think of RTB as a cylcle. Get to low health, RTB, if you come out with full health, wait till you get to low health and repeat (this allows you to close gaps). If you come out a low health, jump right back into RTB. This is why you dont want the skill that extends RTB, you want to cylcle in and out if it constantly. Get a Badaboom and maybe a Harold for second winds. Also, throw another melee attack as you go down, you throw this huge backswing that will often gain you a second wind on it’s own. A slag bouncing Betty with a slight delay will keep going off and slagging while you are in RTB as well.

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Are we talking about OP levels?

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Yes we are

If you are in OP levels and you want to use Melee Krieg, then you should have different builds for different uses IMO :

Mobbing :
Just the Rough Rider and the Legendary Sickle, rest is up to you.

Raiding (Bloodsplosion) :
Rapier, Hide of Terra, Slag Grenade, Legendary Sickle and Explosive Relic.

Digistruct Peak (or Hybrid) :
This one is more complicated. You’ll need to use 2 different COMs depending on the scenario : Legendary Sickle or Legendary Reaper. Slag tool, DPUH, Anti-surveyor gun, FFYL gun, Sheriff’s Badge and the 2 COMs I mentioned.

Hope this was useful for you :slight_smile: !

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Thank you so much I will add that to my backpack

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Three reasons why you’re dying a lot:

  1. Lack of health stacking to buffer self-hits
  2. You’re extending Release the Beast duration via Blood Trance which prevents you from slagging targets to get quick kills.
  3. Fuel the Rampage makes you vulnerable to friendly fire meaning anyone you play with can easily kill you with any op8 gear. One or two hits and you’re dead.
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In addition, you heal through RtB more often when BXR is shorter obviously, meaning you directly increase your survivability by shortening BXR’s duration as much as you can.
You’ll also save 5 points.

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I prefer to move those points into Blood Twitch for faster weapon handling. This is how I run Bloodlust-Mania.

I think having that much points into Blood-Filled Guns and Blood Twitch is kind of overkill. I prefer having 1 point into ToTK for some survivability and 2 points into Blood Overdrive since it’s kind of decent when it’s active and you have the Legendary Reaper on.

I’m with Dano in so much that I find being specced into TotK severely messes up my timing for RtB. And when that happens, you’re definitely up a creek. I love TotK for a non-RtB build but I think if you want that beast released, the risks outweigh the rewards of TotK.

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Yep, it’s too unpredictable for me. I think it’s safer to manage health via Moxxi guns if you want that backup healing option.