Does kelvin have any unboxable taunts?

so i have been unboxing eldrid loot crates with all my credits for a while now hoping to get a new taunt for my favourite character kelvin.
but right now i have unboxed to many loot packs it feels almost like there are no taunts for kelvin, has anyone here unboxed taunts for him? cause i only seem to get skins for him and skins/taunts for other eldrids.

also if anyone has gotten a taunt for him could post a video or something that would be awesome.

There are definitely extra taunts for everyone! :slight_smile: RNG just isn’t a friendly thing :frowning:

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I’ve got a taunt for Kelvin. “Toothpick” I am on XBone, so I can easily send you a vid if you have XBone too. If not, then I’ll find out a way to send ya a video of the taunt I guess…

im on pc, but someone on steam discussion told me about that taunt that it is just him picking his teeth so no need for a video if its to much hassle

I do like it when he says… Well, in a sing-ish way “This is the way we clean our teeth” I can easily record it, but idk how and where to upload. ;p

In the faction packs there’s 3 skins and 2 taunts for every character. Just not very good chances to get them.

He is one of my favorites as well and would like to see him get some more love.

Loot crates are just kinda frustrating. The chance to get a skin is pretty low and a taunt is lower still. Worse thing is that it might give you one you already have in which case it’ll be a card worth 500-1000 coins even if you haven’t unlocked everything for that faction. It happens with the commander packs as well which is even more infuriating.

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Should I be getting Eldrid packs for Mellka… or more of the Epic Loot Packs for general goodies…

Do you need the gear? If you aren’t satisfied with your current sets I’d go for epics. I’m at the point where I don’t need better gear so I don’t have a use for money except for attempts at skins/taunts…

All fear the mighty RNG gods!

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Anyone know how many taunts and skins Are unboxable in total for each character?

Should be (at this point) 3 skins and I think 1-2 taunts.

3 skins, 2 taunts confirmed

yes he does i have 1 already

Yeah the toothpick one is pretty good. The sound effects on it are kinda awkward though. It is a really fun, defining taunt for Kelvin.

RNGeesus can be cruel, but Kelvin does have two hidden taunts.

  1. The toothpick taunt that everyone mentions.

  2. You know how when you select him, he slams his fist into the ground and roars? Yeah that is also his second hidden taunt.