Does Killavolt still drop the Volt 9?

I’ve been farming Killavolt for several days in the hopes of getting a Volt 9. He’s been very generous with the legendary drops, but I haven’t had a sniff of the Volt 9. Does he still drop it?

I’m also looking for an Infinity pistol and a Lyuda. Are any bosses more likely to drop either of those? (I already got the Lyuda from Zero on my first playthrough, so it was rather underpowered. Killavolt also dropped one, but it was pretty wimpy too)

Yes got it yesterday. He still drops 9 volt

edit. It was this morning actually

Back to the drawing board, I guess. It’s strange that I’ve had so many legendaries from him, but not his dedicated drop.


I feel it. I’ve been farming for a certain anointed Transformer and Moxxi’s Bouncing Pair.