Does killing enemies with Maliwan pistols trigger Blood Bath skill?

I know Maliwan pistols effectively shoot little grenades

so does the skill get triggered?

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According to this, maybe. Basic Maliwan pistols are in the “Maybe” section. I think the requirement generally is that it procs if the splash is what kills an enemy. I’ll load up my Krieg later to see if I can confirm it with my own eyes, but if the post I linked says it does I’m inclined to just say yes.


This is what I guessed. Interesting guide, thanks, couldn’t see Torgue rifles anywhere on that list I had the feeling that maybe they did? Or maybe they don’t

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Torgue weapons are in the “maybe” section under general. I just took Kriegtopher to Mercenary Day to hopefully get a maliwan pistol. In the process I tested his Hellfire against the adds in the snowman fight. The Hellfire was a solid maybe. In four bouts against Tinder I procced Bloodbath off of the adds roughly 2 out of 3 times. Got a corrosive Aegis pistol from the train and headed to Opportunity to go Loader hunting. Also roughly 2 out of 3 times. So from my personal experience I can now give a pretty solid “sometimes” for the original maliwan pistol question. I also, in the course of this little stroll, procced Bloodbath with a Torgue rifle, a Harold, my Hornet, and my trusty SWORDSPLOSION!!!. Conclusion: the link I put in my first response is accurate and likely tested by more thorough folks than me.


thanks man! :grinning:

So wow strong arguments for Maliwan pistols really being best weapons in the game!
Krieg is awesome with them now we know, as well as Axton, Sal, Zero… heck almost all VHs.

Never would have thought that when I first started playing this game, the stats being misleading as they are, Maliwan pistols seem particularly unspectacular on paper

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In general if something has splash damage it can proc BB, but only the splash part of the damage. That’s the case with the hellfire and basic maliwan pistols


Just speaking from my own experience, you really need to try out every weapon and see if you notice any hidden or unusual effects. Heck, when I first played the game I sold my Sand Hawk and Pimpernel when I got SMG’s and SR respectively that did more raw damage :roll_eyes:


Yup, I kept a Volcano over a Pimpernel for that reason. :slight_smile: (I was completely unaware that you should aim for the crotch…)

My first-ever Sandhawk was a shock one and I was thoroughly underwhelmed. “Ugh I hate Dahl SMGs and wow those bullets are slow…” I only pulled it out once, later on in that first NVHM run of all the DLC, during the Bloodtail side mission in the Hammerlock DLC because I think it was the only shock weapon I had on me at the time. I thought “ok, decent for phaselocked stalkers then…” I had yet to come across a Bee at that stage of my BL2 career. :wink: