Does lag make melee characters bad?

I play a lot of characters in this game and most of the time I’m doing better with chars with shooting style rather than melee ones.
I can’t really tell if I truly suck with them because most of my matches have 2 bars connection (it sucks…).
A lot of times I have to get so close to my targets its kinda annoying when everyone moves in crazy directions. I mean , sometimes I even slow targets with Rath but even then , they just run away while I swing my sword at a close distance (NOT POINT BLANK RANGE) and still no hit register.

I was wondering if this problem has something to do with lag ?(like if my characters location is different from other players with green connection, or something like that)

In addtion, most of the time I get spike lag that skips frames which , as a result, ruins my aim with them.
And you need to be aware of they’re going to hit them constantly with you melee weapon.

It could be, but at the same time just sprinting away beats really almost all melee’s if you don’t win in their cc combo.

Also you should try left clicking with Rath, its got better range then normal melee and also does higher damage.

It could be you are simply just out of range from the target.


I’d say lag does hinder melee; however, it also hinders range characters as well. The issue is when characters teleport around the map cause of lag. That kinda stuff just ruins everything lol. Also collision seems to spike (become more frequent) during times of increased lag. I find myself getting caught on corners much much more often than when I’m not lagging. Just a though!

For Melee assassins you need to be able to pin down a target, with lag that becomes almost impossible. Played Phoebe today, could hardly pin a target down or chase anyone because of the half to one second delay in melee hits registering and people suddenly disappear from view. It could be down to my own internet not being the best but lag makes melee characters like her unbearable. Dying became a lot more common so I had to stay back and support with thralls and buildables :confused:

Pretty much my exp with every melee char :frowning: