Does Loaded Dice affect dedicated drops?

Trying to get a SNTNL cryo One Pump Chump with 4653 damage (max). Been trying for a couple of weeks.
Would Loaded Dice help?

Also, is there an effective fire weapon I can use to down One Punch in M4? Been using the Pain is Power with elemental projector, but i think I could do better.

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Loaded dice should help, as it increases the chance of a legendary dropping, and the dedicated drop rate only affects the chance of a dropped legendary being a specific one, if I understand right.

As for a fire weapon, I’d suggest trying the Lov3m4ch1n3 SMG, maybe. Since they nerfed the crossroad, I think it outperforms it (similar effect, but the crossroad used to be a double-shot version, and now is more like 1.5x). Only problem is the weird heart-shaped fire pattern can make it hard to aim.
Pain is power


First weapon that comes to mind would be a fire cutsman. Haven’t farmed that guy tbh, so I don’t know if it would effective.