Does matchmaking work for anyone

Been trying to login the matchmaking for 2 hours I’m gotten one game. Is this an ongoing issue for everyone or just me

It seem that very few people use the matchmaking system.

Currently the multiplayer is kinda broken, in large part due to the modifiers, you can spend super long waiting to be matched to finally enter a Circle of slaughter with modifiers that prevent you from doing anything, so people insta leave.

Lot of people have surrendered and stop trying

Yes, I think something is seriously wrong with matchmaking (I’m on PS4). I’ve been wanting to do the Circles & Proving Grounds. The matchmaking screen seems to spin indefinitely and after hours of trying, past few days, got into 2 games. I’d think, this early in the game, there would be plenty of people wanting to try out these activities. I don’t think the slowness is due to lack of people trying. I think people back out since the process is not snappy & confusing. It’s not right that one has to wait a “super long time waiting” as poster above noted.

Today, I couldn’t even get the selection screen (where you pick campaign, circle or proving grounds) and got this for a half hour (until I quit out):


Had to back out, join a friend’s game & return to get the normal looking menu. Reminder – it normally looks like this –


I think the match making needs a bit of a overhaul.
It should give you a list of available matches like it used to.
MH mode kinda kills this option a bit but it should just tell you what mode the host is running and let you choose if you want to join or not.
The problem seems to be there is 8 modes of difficulty now 4 for regular play through and 4 for TVH.

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I kinda wish they’d do away with locking people out if they die. One Circle I ran let you run back in, another locked you out (though you could shoot through the windows upstairs). It was the same in the Pre-Sequel (Mutator & Holodome) & Digistruct Peak in BL2. What’s the point (besides allowing for some hero moments)? Especially since some of these take so long. Who’s going to stay around if they die early? Makes little sense and diminishes the fun.

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