Does Mayhem 4 have lower drop rates for rare/named spawns?

I know this is a small sampling, and RNG is RNG, but it seems that M4 has lower drop rates for some items.

For example, I’ve been farming Road Dog for a few dozen kills on M4 without getting a Redline. I drop down to M2, to speed up the farming, and I got one on my second run at him. Same with getting a hive from Princess Tarantella, or Hex grenades from the Sky Bullies, or anything to drop from the Anointed Alpha.

I’ve farmed all of these several times with zero or 1 drop. But on M2, I seem to get them more often. Just luck and RNG or has anyone noticed this?

Here’s another one. Been farming for a couple of hours on M4 to get a Chuppa’s organ. Drop down to M3, get it on the first run. Was I due or are certain drops just harder to get on M4?

The drop rates for dedicated drops are not supposed to be affected by mayhem level. Higher mayhem levels are supposed to increase the odds for getting an anointed one.

That was my understanding as well. Maybe it’s just luck, but it sure feels like I’m more likely to get a dedicated drop on M2 over M4. Unfortunately, I can’t do enough run to make it statistically valid. I’ll just keep doing what I’m doing; farm on M4 and if I don’t get it after a dozen tries, switch to M2 and see if it drops.

Yea, it feels that way sometimes. I only farm on M4 and the number of non-anointed legendaries is way too high.