Does Mayhem Level affect class mods?

I am trying to farm a spiritual driver with some better stats, but was curious if I should just do M4 or if m10 has any more benefits?

Nope doesn’t scale just do m4

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No. Currently it only affects weapons (grenade mod scaling will also be added in a future patch).

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Until the next patch, farming shields, grenades, and coms can be done at any level as they do not scale with MH at all (outside of M4 exclusives like Spritual Driver - that needs to be a minimum of M4).

They do not scale but there is apparently a dedicated drop increase in the works. If said increase is higher for each Mayhem Lv (i.e. the way it should be) then Mayhem would become beneficial for farming the Spiritual Driver.

Thanks guys, sounds like good changes coming.

Wow, now I feel really dumb trying to farm Phasezerker on M10. I just want one with AS Cooldown rate dangit!

LoL … yeah just farm at the level you are comfortable at.