Does Mayhem Mode effect Annointed effects

I just reached lv53 with my Fl4k and completing whatever missions I didn’t do in Mayhem 1, to get lv53 mission rewards.

After completing the Just Desserts mission. My Chocolate Thunder grenade mod came with the annointed effect: On action skill start. Regenerate 1 grenade.

It got me thinking. Would my rewards come with better annointed effects if I played on Mayhem 2 or 3? Or is it all RNG?

Higher Mayhem has higher chance of getting anointed gear. It applies to drops and mission rewards.

Been my experience, the highest percentage of annointed drops come from the highest mayhem levels and world drops. Dedicated drops seem to lose frequency for annointments on the dedicated items they drop, but if they drop world drops the chance seems to be the same as any other world drop.

Just my observations, dont have any data to back that up.

Just to add, there are some mission rewards that just don’t ever come with anointment. Let me link that thread