Does Mellka's venom damage scale with attack damage, skill damage, or not at all?

Title. Trying to maximize her damage potential, just wondering if anyone knew how it scaled if at all.

Venom damage does go up with gear and level, don’t quote me on this but I believe her venom goes up 1+ for each level

I’m not sure about the scaling but I am curious to hear any gear layouts people like on her? So far all I have found is reducing reload speed greatly improves her quality of life. Thinking of adding attack speed and recoil reduction as the build I use for awhile

I use health regen with secondary health regen after surviving 180 seconds - helps keep her passive health regen more useful - an attack dmg with secondary attack speed, and a +235 health. My survivability is great, averaging a death rate of around twice per pvp match, with a little kick off extra damage output

It scales with gear and level, whenever i get attack damage up you notice it ticks for several more damage

Fun fact: Venom is affected by penetration lol

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Can you clarify that a bit more please?

If ya use a pen item a portion of venom bypasses shields

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Thanks! I’ll factor that into my next gear build for her