Does Moze Has It Bad Right Now?

With all the new anointments and mayhem 2.0 out, Moze feels awful, and that’s putting it lightly in my opinion.

Everyone’s old gear is less effective, and that’s fair. But I feel Moze players got hit the worst. A large number of the ‘whilst action skill is active’ anointments just don’t work for her the way they would for another character. I personally felt a lot of existing anointments were not great to use as Moze, but with the additional ones added which she literally can’t take advantage of, I feel things have gotten a lot harder again.

Additionally, and perhaps more importantly, Iron Bear has become redundant again; its only use being activating ‘on action skill end’ anoinments, as in higher Mayhem levels, he barely does chip damage.

I know this is more of a rant than a discussion, but it is just aggravating that each other characters seems fine, with there abilities very much still effective, and moze is just left struggling.


Yeah, it’s really bad. Action skill builds in general will suck. Same for RaKK Fl4K. Grenades not scaling is like kicking the poor woman while she’s down. .


It’s a bit of a mixed bag in my experience. She didn’t suddenly lose all survivability issues like people were hoping, but that’s partly because Rushin’ Offensive is bugged and won’t let Moze begin a sprint while she’s shooting already, making the skill extremely awkward to use. I’ve found that it still works extremely well with a Bloodletter build, and I love being able to heal without risking blowing myself up. Though on that topic the increased base damage of every gun does make it so that even the weakest splash guns pose a significant threat to Moze if she accidentally hits a wall or a fast moving enemy jumps in front of her. It’s not hard to play around, but I expect that it’s going to cause a lot of frustration in the coming weeks.

Several of the new anointments are super strong and work great on Moze. Deathless loves the new +150% radiation anoint for example. Old options like splash stacking and double dipping are still just as good as they were.

The real issue though, is that grenades didn’t scale. So on top of already falling off extremely hard in endgame content because there were few anoints that put them on par with guns, they now do less than a tenth of the damage they probably need to be doing in order to even compete with guns. Let alone getting grenades to be as impactful as they were in BL2. Right now grenades are just another anointment slot and pose zero threat to anyone aside from the one throwing them.


I think Iron Bear has it bad right now. But there’s some REALLY good weapons that work for Moze like the sandhawk/yellowcake/kaoson


She is comparatively bad and suffers from multiple design flaws.


its true, she was let down again by GBX, considering mechanics
i am thankful for her skilltree buffs and for the kaoson <3
but the anointments are just not helping her at all and iron bears damage is ridiculous now
althought, there is a good anointment
the elemental crit explosion

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Pretty happy the Kaoson doesn’t do self splash. That alone makes it one of the best guns for moze. It also has crazy stats and low pollution. Only downside is lack of splash anointment.

There’s the handful of them that don’t work with Moze but the 300v2 and 150rad are pretty great. The latter especially for your 1hp builds.

Is that a new gun or has it always been in the loot pool?

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I would have to agree 100% and its frustrating. She is by far the worst vault hunter. They need to just revert the original nerfs to vampyr , MoD and the merv grenades. She was atleast viable back then and had good survivability. They were so worried about her being OP that they nerfed her into the ground instead of making Zane viable (he was horrible at launch).

It’s a PvE game… all vault hunters should be strong. If things are too easy, then scale the AI. No need to nerf any of them.


yea, its probably because of the sticky mechanic
that should also protect her from reflect damage
just a perfect gun <3


New gun, I’m daring to say it might be a kybs killer (finally).


It’s so good. I found one with 5250 base (M7), full auto, and keeps up easily for BM while being able to get low enough for good use of CC. Unfortunately it came with the ASA 200% anoint, so I’m trying to farm for a CH/300% one right now.

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I’ve been cracking at traunt all day for a bunch of them. I have a CH one but the stats aren’t the best.

No thank you. I don’t want to be balanced around spamming Hex grenades only, especially when they don’t scale.

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What elements have you gotten so far btw?

Cryo, Shock, Rad, and Kinetic I think. I’m using the kinetic one right now because base damage is so high.

Ok cool, it can get all elements. I was afraid of something weird and stupid.

I have a 2x but I’m not so sure I can get the mag up with it.

The single pellet stays mid way for most of my fights with forge.

i got the fire one
document can be edited if anyone here knows the person in charge^^

Yea I’m thinking a single pellet is the way to go here. On a 19 base mag, up to 31 with boosts, it’s almost perfect - really easy to control and I can bring it down to near 0. That being said I’m Traunt farming so that low of a mag might not hold up for harder content.

The issue is, this game was designed around characters with 3 unique action skills in mind. I mean just look at how many anoints Moze can use versus what the others can use. All basically because she has one action skill and its unlike any of the other action skills in that its a separate thing. Like Zane SNTNL you just summon and it does its own thing but IB you actually have to control. Basically what im trying to say is that Moze’s 1 action skill design doesnt work with the design of BL3.