Does no one hear or see the pinging?!?

Come on people how come no one at any skill or CR ever ever ever responds to pings anymore?

Because I often hear them, but can’t see them, literally. Had a match where a teammate pinged like crazy, yet no matter how much I looked, I couldn’t see it. The only kind of ping I actually see is the kill sign.

Context for game mode greatly matters here.

For me, it depends on game modes and what’s going on, but in meltdown for example, I often find myself alone in one lane because someone pinged the other lane and everyone ran over to it just to find that a person was putting a ping on a Pendles. I’m not leaving lane to go chase a kill.

In all honesty, I almost always ignore pings. I know what my job is in the game mode. If I know I am doing my job, then odds are, I don’t have time to respond to a ping. Exception being a thrall camp in incursion. I will almost always try to help take a thrall camp if someone pinged their intent to take it.

I do pay attention to pings in the story missions to keep the group together and focus fire. Hell, I try to use it for that purpose, but in pvp, I can’t be expected to come running at someone’s neck and call. I know it’s not always possible, but his is where the mic REALLY comes in handy.

People ping for so many different reasons that I can’t be expected to know WHY they pinged and run over to see. If I have the opportunity, I’ll check it out, but don’t expect me to flock to it every time it pops up.



Fair enough and great points!

I’m mostly talking about Incursion double Thralls, yeah.

I usually get a team that does respond to pings, especially on Monuments double thralls.
I have successfully snuck off and won many of a game taking mid thrall while the enemy team was pounding on our sentry and just letting them go to town on the enemy sentry.

I refuse to let the same thing happen to me. Soon as I see that circle pop up that the enemy is taking mid thralls, I ping away.

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Oh man yeah sneaking those Monuments doubles and sneaking them in to singlehandedly take out their undefended sentry while they’re trying to mount a big offensive on you is soooo satisfying!

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The ping is the problem. The game either needs quick commands like paragon OR players need to get on voice and communicate. People in this game are super shy for a multiplayer game…


I’m with you on that. That drives me nuts as well. I more often than not play support, so it takes me out of the fray for WAY too long to solo thralls (especially double thralls). Even as dps, it’s out of the fight for too long to solo them. I do ping the map for that (and it is very clear where the ping is).

My last few games of incursion, I would ping the doubles and finally get them down, only to have two enemies show up just as I get the final kill, take me out, steal the thralls and get a great push because of it.



That’s been happening to me a lot lately, too!

Although when that turns into a crazy brawl involving every member of both teams as well as the Thralls (especially in Overgrowth) and then your team proceeds to lead a crushing push against a weakened enemy…that feels awesome!

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If you play on Monuments pinging works amazingly. It’s audible, you can see it, and it actually works.

Now if you go to Overgrowth 70% of the time pinging doesn’t even work.

The best way to find a ping is the mini map because it drops a yellow circle on the map.

If you’re not in the middle of a fight, you can pop the full map quickly to see where the ping is. (Down on D-Pad on console; not sure what the PC equivalent is.) Tough to do if you’re trying to evade the entire opposing team though!


That only works in PVE, my friend.

There is no map in PVP like there is in PVP, and pressing down on the D-pad in PVP causes you to teleport back to base and recharge your health.

Good to know. You can probably tell I haven’t done too much PvP!


No worries!

I only really ping double Thralls or a Sunspot next to me when people need health. But when someone pings people to kill, it typically helps a lot.

As others have said, it’s mainly to do with lack of context. If I’m in the middle of waveclearing or engaged with an enemy, I’m not going to turn around to deal with a ping halfway across the map unless I know it’s something important. Pings are great for getting people on top of thralls or certain players in team fights, but for anything else they’re too generic to be valuable if you’re not already near someone else.

There’s also the fact that pings are crazy unreliable on Overgrowth…

Minimap, boyo.

I agree that the problem with pinging is that it… doesn’t really tell what you want others to see! Pinging a thrall camp/buildable/super bot is simple enough but then it starts getting a little unclear. What do you want with it? Is it really worth checking it out?
It would be nice if there were pings for “danger (Pendles spotted!), focus fire, retreat” and so on…

I ping in a party because I can also use voice lines with it, "Pendles!"ping "Mushroom down"ping "El Dragon is going to ult your sorry asses"ping

Once they fix it, I’ll pay attention to pings. As of now, though, they’re useless. I dunno what they’re pinging. It could just be to let us know the money spawned :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, when I ping, I abuse the button so hard to inform my team this is super god damned important and could change the game.
I hate how unreliable pings are in Overgrowth. So many wasted times when a runner with like, 20 health could have died from Montana or OM spray in their direction.