Does no one play Pre-Sequel because

I need help fighting the raid boss (invincible sentinel) but it seems that people only play 2. I’m just wondering.

I play TPS, I’ve been avoiding 2 because I burned myself out on it back on 360 and I don’t have a 360 anymore so I can’t transfer my saves over and don’t want to have to go through everything again. Add me if you want, A Mexican Peter

Sure, what class/lvl are you?

Hey I Play Pre sequel and 2 But now I’m Gonna Try and Get all characters to max level my Highest is ClapTrap add me my tag is xTJaay12

Hey i play both u can add me :hydrasss26
My main is nisha and athena

I don’t know much about pre sequel I just went through the first play through and if someone could add me and help me through my play modes that would be cool
Gt BlueBandit76

I’m currently only level 38 Wilhelm, add me gt: A Mexican Peter

Yo my gt is killin machinee im lvl 70 jack

Need help Lvl 31 Athena new to the pre sequal only played bl2 gt is. X dirty star x