Does Phasegrasp always do some damage?

So I know if an enemy is Immune they take a chunk of damage just like Phaselock from Maya in BL2. What I want to know is if the skills basic form you start with dose damage when you grasp and enemy. Most of Amara’s Augments Trigger there effects off her action skill doing damage or at least that is how they read.

My understanding is Amara is able to equip any agument she has unlocked with any action skill and it will be functional. If Phasegrasp dosen’t do damage unless your using the “Fist Over Matter” variation it makes a number of her possible combinations significantly smaller. Add in the fact that her second augment is an element damage type and It makes me question a bunch of the wording on her skills.

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Only does damage if they are immune to grasp unfortunately. A lot of gameplay out now that confirms that


No damage, it sucks, and it completely changed my health regen build using Samsara stacks and Revelation augment… (eventhough it would be broken)


No dmg, but it doesn’t suck. The skill is under the fist of the elements tree but if you grab Avatar from the Mystic Assault and Glamour from brawl I predict greatly improved returns.

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So Zane’s Barrier “sucks” because it doesn’t do any damage?


The post is about Amara’s Phasgrasp. It does no damage so alot of skills and augments do not activate becuase of it…mainly revelation and Samsara that gets health regen and Gun damage stacks based in how many enemies the action skill DAMAGES. You want regular Phasgrasp becuase it has a 16 second cooldown. Samara lasts for 20 seconds… thus 100% uptime. Only time it does damage is Phasgrasp immune enemies which is like 5% of enemies faced and bosses. It’s a waste of points that be used elsewhere.

No damage, No Stacks.

This has nothing to with Zane.


It was asking for clarification using one of his skills as a comparison. You said “No Damage. It sucks.” You went into no context or nuance as to why, just that vague statement, which would imply that the fact that it simply does no damage, is why it sucks.

That being said, the skill can be augmented to do damage, so…

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It sucks that one of the main points of Amara’s Action skill is you can mix and match augments only to find out certain augments dont even work 100% of the time. I did give context in my first post saying it doesnt work with Samsara stacks and revelation. Now you’re forced to use Fist over Matter and eat an additional 12 second cooldown.

If it did 1 point of damage things would be different.

Amara’s imo has the worst action skills of all the vault hunters to begin with and all augments should work…not just some of the time. And her cooldowns are way too long for what you actually get.

So yes…Phasgrasp not doing damage sucks.


So this means several of her augments simply do not trigger? I’m a bit confused as to why her aguments are not locked within a specific tree. I get that ya the Augments are free but part of the problem is if you go down Amara’s middle tree you can basicly never make strong use our of phasegrasp unless you respec or play with a group.

One of the Augments I was interested in was Eternal Grasp mixed with Stilness of the Mind for massive CC lock ups. Based on what people are saying that dose not work. If so I don’t think the game should let me equip them together. Its comparable to a Beginners Trap which is one of the worst thing you can do when launching a game later in its franchise or series.

I’m happy that they are holding off on DLC characters if skill and augment mixing proves to be in polished. I love Gaige and Krieg but damn they are unbalanced in polished messes later in the game. I would hate for them to haft to uproot a portion of Amaras skills because someone made a whoopsy when designing skill and agument triggers.

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You can If you want to use one of Amara’s Skill variants have it do damage. The issue is Augments in other trees will force you in to using one of 3 different amazing versions of Phasegrasp if you want to mix and match. This means that are skill and Augments combos that will pretty much disable to functionality of your augment beacuse it will never trigger.

This also makes it so changing her action skill element which is at the start of the Eternal Fist Tree is not of any use for the skill attached to the tree. It just makes you think ok I want to mix and match but I also don’t want to mix and match.
This will not be an issue if incompatible Augments and skills cannot be equipped together. Regardless is diminishis her skill gimmicky of flexibility as suggested on another post.

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Stillness of mind still works becuase there an exception specifically for Phasgrasp in the skill itself. Samsara and Revelation does not have a Phasgrasp exception.

It may work when the game is finally released but based on wording and the fact that there isnt a phase grasp exception …Phasgrasp does not work with Revelation and Samsara. Which sucks, but would be broken becuase you can permanently get 25% health regen per second with that combo with phaslocks 16 second cooldown.

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But she is the only “class” who can equip cross-tree augments. You can’t expect all the augments to always work with any skill from any tree… You also aren’t factoring in that Phasegrasp is a skill specifically designed to serve another purpose and forgo damage - crowd control. If you you want it to do CC and damage, well, that’s gonna cost you some points, as it should.

Yes, it does. It sucks that Zane’s Barrier doesn’t also shoot laser beams out of it, but that’s the burden of balanced character design…


You’re missing the fact that alot of Amara’s skills revolve around her action skill doing damage.

I don’t know how else to say this for you to understand how dumb this is. How can you tout her action skill being able to do cross tree augments when Phasgrasp and it doesnt even apply to half of her skills throughout all 3 of her trees.

Example: Fist of the Elements has Phasgrasp. Yet the very first skill Anima boosts Status Effect Action Skill damage THAT DOESNT WORK WITH PHASGRASP.

If you want to use Phasgrasp you pretty much are pigeoned holed into using very few skills which completely disregards the supposed strength of Amara…being able to customize her action skill.

It’s an illusion of choice. For me either go all in with action skill choice and customization or dont include Phasgrasp at all and do something else. Only reason I’m using it is for the 16 second cooldown.


Which all of her action skills do. 2 by default, and 1 with an augment, since it’s intended, default purpose is not damage… You also seem to forget that Phasegrasp does actually do damage to enemies that can’t be locked down, which tend to be larger/more difficult enemies, who are just the the type you want all those synergies procing on…

I’m pretty sure I already went over this with you…

“Phasegrasp is a skill specifically designed to serve another purpose and forgo damage - crowd control. If you you want it to do CC and damage, well, that’s gonna cost you some points, as it should.”

No, you are not “pigeonholed” into anything. Part of your problem seems to be thinking too one-dimensionally, where an action skill not doing damage equates to useless or a waste of potential. I plan on using Phasegrasp with Glamour and Avatar for CC chaos - no damage needed.

And Amara’s “strength” is not the ability to customize her action skill, since you can do this with literally all of the vault hunters. If anything, her “strength” is the ability to mix and match augments and action skills from any tree.

It’s not… again, try thinking outside the box a bit. Try playing to the strengths of the skill rather than than getting upset because you think it should behave a way that it doesn’t.

Well that seems to fundamentally be the problem - “for me.” I doubt Gearbox should redesign the skill because “for you” it should be a certain way… the complaint you bring up with the ability seems to be a “you” problem, since I’m not seeing it as a recurring issue being brought up by others.

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So any augment will have an exception but regardless there are skill choices that cause pseudo beginners traps. Hopefully when the game is live between feedback and observation of player skill choices they will make tweaks.

I still feel like the Eternal fist tree should have had all variants of the skill beyond its basic version do some kind of damage. Still l plan to test and try what works together and what doesn’t and provide feedback here on the forums so we don’t have issues like in BL2 where some skills where not fixed pe balanced until the October Patch back in like 2015 in think it was.

My concern is more so the less informed player. I’m not the kind of guy who just sits in a corner pointing at the more casual games and laughing git gud. (Not saying you or anyone else is ether) my point is I want this game to be accessible to a wider community of Borderlands Fans. Having combinations of Skills, Action skills, or Augment and skills or whatever it may be makes the game less polished and accessible. It creates divisions in the community between players who are and are not informed similar to what happend with Gear in Battleborn.

Now this is not a competitive environment like Battleborn so one would hope that information like this would be shared more freely on social media and content creation platforms like YouTube, Twitch and the Forums. Regardless if the skills and synergies where more carefully structured this problem would not occur in the first place. I’m curious if there are other cases like this with other Vault Hunters. I personally prased FL4K’s Skill tree designe which gives casual players who are not the best at aiming clear choices so they can still benefit from Critical Damage boosts. It seems however the opposite is true with Amara. This doesn’t mean she is bad or I hate her or whatever. I’m just making a critical analysis from an empathetic view point in the Hope’s that Gearbox are able to better distinguish what is good and what is not so good along with why that is the case.

We are all fans here and I think we all want the same thing. For Amara to be the apex of Siren gameplay in the Borderlands universe thus far. I’m not saying redesign her gimmick or change how some skills work I am saying some skills may need to have additional or different effects depending on what skill is currently equipped.
Non of us what to alienate other fans of the franchise beacuse they pick Amara and have a rough time due to some poor skill choices.

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The idea of glamour and phasegrasp was also something I thought of but not being able to use tempest with that build since it will have to be elemental based to make use of going all the way down the rush stack
Tree is kind of disappointing. Also with how avatar works and the second action skill resetting the cool down I may be inclined to try a build without a capstone and instead splitting going half way down both mythical assault and FotE for glamour grasping.

Something like this. The last point options for making violent tapestry 5/5, wildfire 5/5 or picking up deep well (or taking a point out of restless and taking 2 of those 3)

Also able to use ties that bind with glamour since it’s a significant upgrade from phasegrasp with only 2 extra seconds

I honestly think you’re intentionally trying to be difficult just to do it.

  1. I already said it does damage to like 5% of the enemies in the game. That makes the skill Inconsistent…which makes it even worse bc there no indication which enemies are Phasgrasp immune or not the first time you encounter them.

  2. You are pigeoned holed… if you want to use Revelation you have no choice but to use Fist Over Matter. How is that not the very definition of being pigeon holed.

  3. Like.the other person said…somebody is going to have this idea and after dozens fo hours grinding and acquiring skill points come to find out that it doesnt work becuase…reasons.

And before you comment back taking about Zane’s shields or something else irrelevant I just want Amara Action skill to work with her augments. The Nova from Revelation can cause damage, I just want Phasgrasp to proc the Nova without having to do damage. The Nova is the catalyst for Amara skills that require an action skill that does damage. Further It makes perfect sense for Phasgrasp to do it bc Phasgrasp is in the CC elemental tree and the Nova can spread Status effects among other things. Amara has 5 action skill augments, 2 of them dont work with regular Phasgrasp. That’s the problem, it.makes Phasgrasp builds very cookie cutter.


Amara is all about trade offs. Phasegrasps are just not meant to burst kill opponents. Why bother locking an opponent out of the fight when you can kill them instantly. The interaction you want exists but it involves using Tandava. Revelation + Tandava does absurd aoe burst damage and if you chain properly with Avatar you can rotate it out practically 3 times in a row. Plus the build has proper rush stack synergy and becomes even more stupid with Laid Bare + Remnant.

All classes are about trade offs. Theres a difference between picking between 2 different action skills and augments for an action skill not working. I could care less if it killed someone, I just want it to work.

2nd I don’t care about Tandava. Im glad you like it…her melee and elemental gun damage is going to out damage her action skill by a mile. That is a completely different action skill. Mystical Assault doesnt intrest me.

Here’s what I care about

Action Skill: Phasgrasp, The Enternal, Ties that Bind
Augment 1: 2 out of 5 doesnt work
Action Skill Element: Completly worthless with those 3 action skills.

Phasgrasp simply doesn’t fit the rest of the tree…which would make sense becuase its a shoehorned B2 ultimate. Again only reason I’m using it is bc.of the 16 second cooldown and I think Brawl and FOTE are better trees.

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