Does point system need a redesign?

Hey all,

I have currently 2 problems / questions on my mind:

1. Basically when I play Miko and my team is getting owned, all I do is just healing teammtes who need help. I don’t have time for mob killing or other objectives… Do I understand it correctly that I get absolutely 0 points for healing others ?

Basically me on scoreboard, 0 kills, 1245 deaths and 13 points in total (I obviously managed to get some points by throwing some knifes in between healing)…

Game should appreciate healers more especially when there are only 2 of them.

2. I would like to know, how assist system works… How much damage percentage I need to do to have an assist points ?

I played with Orenji yesterday and I was thinking I was doing pretty great, casting Shadow pillars into groups around my teammates… Then I checked the scoreboard and my jaw dropped, literally no points (few were for building some speed boosters or turrents)

Is is possible to do significant damage (idk, let’s say 30-40% of enemy health) without any point reward ?

Because if I play pretty well, supporting teammates around with additional dmg and still don’t get any points, that’s really demotivating… I still believe that I somehow was missing everyone, casting pillars can be bit confusing especially when you are trying to hit some place inside fighting crowd in front of you. Can some explain me how assist system works ?

I had these same questions to, as early game Boldur has alot of difficulty doing anything and I was having trouble getting XP.

Basically, you get XP from building things, capturing mercs, kills, and assists. So I would focus on building things early instead of your own gear. As far as assists, just try to get a hit on everything in the fight and as long as you hit something at least once within a reasonable timeframe of it dying, you get the assist XP.

So yeah, focus on healing, but try to get a few hits on enemies here and there to soak up the XP.

The scoring system during the CTT seemed to be much more inclusive, counting things like minion kills, buildables, and objectives into your final score. I don’t remember if healing counted even back then though.

You can rack up plenty of assists by healing (because you get credit for things done by the person you are healing) and by tagging enemies, even if not getting kills yourself. Having said that, score should also include things like killing/spawning minions and buildables. The dev team have already acknowledged this and want to come up with a solution, but no eta.

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My question is:

What’s the point of your score anyway?

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I think on Incursion, damage done to the sentry (obj) should matter. I pretty much decimated one on my own as Oscar Mike before and don’t believe it mattered much on my score.

Please let me know if this is inaccurate!

On Incursion, in the case of a tie the game is determined by the total of player scores.

I don’t want to look like I was doing nothing in the final scoreboard ? Score is important, I want to know how well I am doing…

If I am dragging my team down, I need to try harder, etc…

edit: I will also answer with question, what is the point of displaying score in scoreboard if it’s not that important ?

OH so basically I got no points because we were loosing and my teammates weren’t killing much…

OK then thanks, at least it’s not that horrible as I was afraid of

I build a lot…Sometimes I have a feeling that I am the only one who builds the speed boost stuff…

But game should reward you for team damage…

Now I see why it won’t change… In BF series, you get percentage points for dmg you dealt. But as long as this game uses just units of points,I guess I need to somehow accept current system…

Well maybe it’s not that bad, I need to watch scoreboard more closely…

Gearbox doesn’t like the system either, but it’s a placeholder now for something better, once they get something made.

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[quote=“Misguided, post:4, topic:1427118, full:true”]
You can rack up plenty of assists by healing (because you get credit for things done by the person you are healing) [/quote]

Is this also true if you replenish or overshield someone (thinking Kleese and Reyna)

Yes, absolutely. If you buff them in any way. You also get partial credit for tagging mobs, even if someone else kills them.

I agree that score should definitely include more than Kills (2) + Assists (1).

As others have mentioned, CTT had a much more inclusive score, which I think really encouraged people to play their roles rather than simply trying to gank all game long.

If it has already been brought up then awesome, just wanted to put in my two cents. :slight_smile:

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