Does Poison Cloud Do Additional Damage

Does Poison Cloud increase the damage done by smoke bomb, or does it just spread out the damage over a longer time? Smoke bomb does 80 damage over two seconds. Poison Cloud increases the duration by three seconds. Does it do an additional 40 damage per second for those three seconds, or is the 80 damage now spread out over five seconds?

i am fairly positive it increases the damage

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I agree, I think it does increase damage, but more importantly, it tags minions much better than a regular smoke bomb

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It does not flat out increase it, but the damage ticks on longer so more damage

More damage potential. If you pick the helix the level up screen will tell you in game btw

It actually shows the changes in your helix menu. It increases the damage of the overall dot, it doesn’t spread it out for extra time. Imo its better than the other helix choice :stuck_out_tongue: edit: damn you you got there before me XD.

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Cobra strike is overrated

A lot of people say that, but wouldn’t it help Pendles chase down opponents? I still have a tough time using it, but it seems like it could make up for his slow movement speed once you get the low cooldown on Injection.

True, but the thing is why would you use to chase down someone using miasma when they are already slowed

Because the slow is short and Pendles is essentially low when out of stealth, so someone like an Ambra can get out in time.

Miasma reduces the cooldown to three, you can keep them slow for a while especially with potent venom, also you can bodyblock ambra

Not if you’re knocked back lol. We’ve had a similar argument before that reached nowhere so agree to disagree

Dang, we seem to be stuck in a time loop here, so yes

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Bumping here. Cobra strike offers amazing mobility and finisher power.

The OP’s question has been thoroughly answered.

Yes, but to me this whole helix choice comes down to latency.
If you have high latency, Cobra Strike (like all dash skills) becomes increasingly unreliable, up to a point where picking it actually hurts your playstyle.

Poison Cloud, on the other hand, is a pretty safe bet regardless of latency.

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Sure but most players don’t have high latency. Even I have a derpy internet and I consistently perform best with cobra strike.

Also depends on what you’re using poison cloud for, I prefer the lasting cloud for my purposes since it can keep a sentry shield from charging for example

And it helps with wave clear especially late game