Does Psnow version work?

(johnnynyte) #1

Made an account just won’t sign in.

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Moved you to a more appropriate location (unless you’re on PS4?)

Anyway, if you’re having issues with the PS Now service, I would recommend contacting PS support since they are more likely to be able to help.

(johnnynyte) #3

Yes on ps4

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All right, got you in the correct spot. There’s quite a big community on PS4, although I don’t know if anyone is accessing the game via the streaming service. Apparently, it is on sale at Walmart right now though!

(johnnynyte) #5

And I can play the game just fine it’s gearbox services that isn’t working.

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Ah, you mean the SHiFT system?

Not sure how that works with PSNow streaming, only the regular game. The biggest issues are (1) not accepting the terms of use/service (go to Extras > SHiFT, and look for the option along the bottom of the dialogue) or (2) accidentally using the wrong information when authenticating the link between PSN and SHiFT account.

On (2), if you go to and check under Gaming Platforms, is it showing your PSN as linked?

(johnnynyte) #7

Yes me either with the streaming. I’ll check the ToS. Also no I don’t see my PS4 linked anywhere. I once ipon a time had a PS3 linked but it’s no longer there either. Also when I go too link I see steam, Google play, etc. No PSN

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Just did a quick check, and it’s now listed as “Sony Entertainment Network” - I think that’s the one you need to use to link your PSN to your SHiFT account. You should in theory be able to do that from within the game itself, from the Extras > SHiFT menu option.


If you’re not seeing anything from the streaming version of the game, you might want to drop a line to support:

(johnnynyte) #9

Ok I had too unlink and relink the game because it was still like ked too ps3

(johnnynyte) #10

Thanks very much :slight_smile: