Does quick melee no longer knockback at all?

Well, did they eliminate that? As Isic, I tried to defend myself against melee types with my mighty punch many times last night (the first time I have played since last Thursday’s update), and not once did it save my sorry mechanical ass. In fact, it seemed to do nothing at all.

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I use it all the time. It does have a time limit to prevent spamming now I believe.

I think that just the first one do the knockback effect. The other ones, for a short period of time (not sure how much exactly) just do the damage. It’s like a “diminishing return” (WoW reference here).

If I miss with the first one, do I still have to wait out the time limit before it will knockback the baddie? That could explain what was happening, and if that is the case, that seems like a pretty serious flaw.

Wow didn’t create the DR.

I felt that the pushback wasn’t in need of a nerf but it got one anyway. It only pushes back once for a bit then it’s not really worth using. Beforehand even constant knocking them back didn’t really save you very well unless you had an escape on cooldown that came back up. But even then it was meh.

No it saved me way too much pre nerf

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The only ever noticeably good one was Marquis.

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Pimp slap

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It wasn’t nerfed because it was “too good” at saving your ass, it was nerfed because it was too good at guaranteeing kills… Just keep knocking people back and you have a cc with no cooldown. Works as well as juggling!

So yeah. It needed a change.


My biggest problem with the knock back change is that imo knock back should have be based off of size. If I am Montana I should be able to knock back ANYONE while I should only be able to be knock backed by similar large frames like ISIC and Attikus


Yeah, but that would unbalance the game if they did it based on size.

In what ways? The only awfully terrible thing I see is for squishies not being able to knock back Attikus. You can use a weight concept to it as well as making weight classes. Like keep Attikus Montana el dragon(and as much as I hate it boldur) together as heavy weights who could knock everybody around including themselves.

I honestly just don’t enjoy where quick melee is at. It could be though the words diminishing returns to me mean that it should work to some degree on the second hit but it doesn’t

Just because changing everyone’s kits slightly may throw things off. Things tend to have unforseen ramifications. Like Mellka suddenly becoming useless, or Boldur officially too strong. And it’s highly debatable as well. Can you throw Kleese far?

It has aways been hit and miss for me. Sometimes they lose momentum on the terrain, other times I can knock a Attikus into midfield.

The only time you deal full knockback is the first strike, 2nd is around 70-50% and 3rd is nothing. I get why it’s there, but I think you should be able to use it a bit longer without it being useless.

As stated above they did nerf consecutive QM hits so you can’t continually push people back with it.

However I seem to have noticed a reduced knockback effect on the initial QM on some toons as well. Haven’t tested it, this is just based on ‘feel’.

I feel the same way… I’ve been playing as Alani and Benedict lately, and it seems that neither of their knockbacks do anything at all. Yet while playing incursion yesterday, a Ghalt hit me and I flew back roughly 30 yards. It was in the sniper’s nest in Incursion, defending our 1st sentry, and when he hit me it made a distinctive “thump” sounds and I went flying back past our sentry, to the thumper turret. I can’t figure it out, unless different characters now have vastly different knock back stats?

The knockback is different for each character, some have higher knockback than others (marquis is a good example).

It seems melee characters tend to have lesser knockback on their QMs for whatever reason.

Thorn’s is a really good one too (I can still QM Rath away while he’s dreadwinding and burst him down).

I know. I didn’t said that.