Does Revelation do anyting with phaseslam/varients?

So I cannot seem to find a definitive answer on this one, and am having trouble testing it myself.

At least when hitting the Jack Dummy in Sanctuary 3 it does not trigger a nova with vanilla phaseslam, it makes one number that is noticeably lower than it is without.

Seems absolutely jank that the augment doesn’t work with the skills from the tree it is in, Amara had started fun but the more I play the more weird bugs like this I find that make me not want to anymore.

it is another bug that has been here like forever, this is what I find really sad about bl3
not the drop rates, not the balance or whatever but the sheer quantity of bugs still not fixed after all this time
I experienced this one myself as well

Upon further testing Revelation DOES trigger with vanilla phaseslam and fracture (need to try downfall, I suspect the beam doesn’t but the slam does)

For some reason it doesn’t trigger on hitting Jack Dummy, and it either doesn’t trigger or is hard to notice if the slam KILLS the target.

But testing on bruisers and enforcers, I can clearly see the nova and a second number popping up.

Sorry I yelled at you, GBX! ;*

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